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Lightmare - Certain Death 1993


01. End of Dawn at Noon 32 AD

02. Despair

03. Black Mess

04. Grave

05. Certain Death

06. Fade Away

07. Fearless Soldiers


Frank Wegner - Vocals

Andi Gutjahr - Guitar

Alex Reeh - Bass

Alex Wenzel - Drums

Keyboards - Thorsten Heid

Additional Background Vocals

Produced by Lightmare & Peter Rust

Picture by Frank Wegner & Alexandra Blum

Layout by Markus & Rolf Gutjahr

Timon Schreiber - Vocals - Area Disaster

Thomas Berghofer - Bass - Area Disaster

Andreas "Andi" Gutjahr - Guitar - Tankard

Andreas "Andi" Gutjahr - Treasure Seeker

Andreas "Andi" Gutjahr - Seventh Avenue

Andreas "Andi" Gutjahr - Creed

Marion Creuzburg - Keyboards, Vocals

Gerd Lücking - Drums (Rawboned

German Power Metal from Frankfurt/ Maine, Hesse. From 1997 "The Fool" Second album of this band with a strong Gamma Ray/ Helloween touch. Lightmare was formed in 1991. They are active, but this one was their last recording until now. The first LP "Certain Death" has been released on band´s own in1993, which was followed by an EP "Vampires" 2 years later. All members are ore were active in scene bands as Tankard, Seventh Avenue, Rawboned...Lightmare - "The Fool" is chock full of Speedy Riffs, Double Bass, And classy clean vocals by Timon Schreiber. While the album does have it's own unique sound, it also echoes Stratovarious in style and quality. Overall, Lightmare's finest effort.


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