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Edin-Adahl - Miracle 1987


01. I Know

02. Miracle 3. Energy

04. Too Easy

05. In the Ghetto

06. Child

07. Heaven

08. Going Home

09. Lonely Again

10. Far Behind


Musician Credits:

Edin-Adahl - Producer, Arranger

Frank Adahl - Songwriter, Keyboards

Frank Adahl - Guitars, Vocals

Simon Adahl - Songwriter, Keyboards

Simon Adahl - Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Bertil Edin - Engineer, Songwriter

Bertil Edin - Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Vocals

Lasse Edin - Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals

Klas Anderhell - Drums, Percussion

Sven Fridolfsson: Saxophone

Lennart Grahn - Trumpet

Bjorn Lindstrom - Engineer

Sven Eric Dahl - Songwriter

1987 Royal music/Solid rock SRI CD 030 First silver pressed 10 track CD. / This is the super hard to find Version with all the songs in the english language. Imported to the U.S. from Sweden on the Royal music label, the same label that gave us all of the swedish band "Leviticus" albums in cd format here in the U.S.A. This is not a bootleg, this is a silver pressed original cd that is super hard to find!!!

Somewhere between their strong Refuge Records releases and their break-out album on Frontline, Edin-Ådahl made two albums that got limited distribution in the U.S. Miracle was the best of them and hinted at what was to come.


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