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7th Heaven - Planet Under Siege 1992


01. Planet Under Siege
02. Shout
03. Watching and Waiting
04. Get So Mad
05. Child's Eyes
06. Cross the Border
07. Rapture
08. Giants in the Land
09. Daybreak
10. Stay

Doug Basler - Bass, Lead Vocals
Dennis Bush - Lead Guitar,Acoustic 12-String,Backing Vocals
Brian Lawson - Drums,Percussion,Vocals

Pleasant CCM band!!!...the album is nothing to kill for but it isn't neither a bad one...just an album that can go with the flow...707STAR had a point that i also noticed,the vocalist Doug Basler do sound like Geddy Lee of Rush from time to time("Rapture" is a 100% Rush influenced and the voice in here is like a "parody" of the man behind the Canadian three some)....about the songs i'd go for "Planet Under Siege","Shout","Child's Eyes","Daybreak","Stay"(nice) and the aforementioned "Rapture".

1992, indie hard rock release from this Christian hard rock group. Superb release... had this come out only a year or two earlier, there's little doubt it would have seen its place on the roster of a major label. 10 tracks including: Shout, Watching and waiting, Child's eyes, Cross the border, Stay, and more. Out of print / with AOR tendencies. But this three piece backed their harmonious nature with plenty of chops, and forays into Prog-like instrumental passages are not uncommon. A quality release for sure - now digitally remastered for an extra crisp and punchy mix!!!

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