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Whitecross - Whitecross 1989 Teichiku Records / Japan Edition


01. Who Will You Follow
02. Enough Is Enough
03. He Is The Rock
04. Lookin' For A Reason
05. Your're Mine
06. No Way I'm Goin' Down
07. Seein' Is Believin'
08. All I Need
09. Nagasake
10. Signs Of The End

Scott Wenzel - Vocals
Jon Sproule - Bass
Rex Carroll - Guitars
Mark Hedl - Drums

One of the best Christian rock bands, Whitecross, started beautifull their carriere with self-titled debut album. The song "Who Will You Follow" makes a question for you: "Satan or Jesus?". It's a very rockin' song. The next song "Enough Is Enough" isn't my favorite tracks but the next two ones "He is The Rock" and "Lookin' for a Reason" are the songs that gave Whitecross to be signed into a record company.

They are both great songs! "You're Mine" is the only slow one in this album. "No Way I'm Goin' Down" is a rockin' song too. It seems that resisting Satan gets almost as much attention as receiving Jesus in this album.

The rest of the songs "Seein' Is Believin'", "All I Need", the instrumental "Nagasake", and "Signs of the End" are good songs but too basic Whitecross Stars: He Is the Rock, You're Mine, Lookin' for a Reason.

The picture on the back cover of this album perfectly captures this self-titled debut for the Christian heavy metal band, Whitecross. The hair and clothes are so dated as to literally elicit laughter, but it's the sort of "what were we thinking" laughter that is as nostalgic as it is scoffing. And the music on this album falls right in line. If you like 80's heavy metal, then you'll love the sound. They even included a delightful power ballad, "You're Mine," to fit well within the genre, as well as a full-blooded, one-track two-minute guitar solo by Rex Carrol, filled with some delicious 80's shredding. It's clear that Whitecross was in its formative stages with this album, as it's fresh and full of energy, if a bit unpolished. The lyrics are gospel-centered and explicitly about Jesus (as opposed to some of the pop Christian music of the same era), if occasionally cheesy and overbearing.

This album isn't in my regular listening rotation, as I've moved on to other preferred musical styles over the past few decades, but when I want a blast from the past to my adolescent fixation with Christian rock music, this album does the trick.

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