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Angelica - Rock, Stock & Barrel 1989 / Japan Edition / Goldmine Record Collectors Guidebook


01. The Fire Inside
02. Someone to Believe In
03. Cover Me
04. Home Sweet Heaven
05. A Little Love
06. Sail Away
07. Keep Pushing On
08. Bumble Boob Groove
09. Ryhme & Reason
10. Without Words
11. Oh Canada

Drew - Lead Vocals
Dennis Cameron - Guitar, Bgv's
Robert Pallen - Bass, Bgv's
Bobby Lawrence - Drums
Keyboards by Daro & Christophe Marchand

Additional Bgv's:
Michelle Eckert - on "Without Words"
Patrick McManus on "The Fire Insed" and Rhyme And Reaso


This is a great CD that has many inspiring and powerfull messages. The Guitar Work is excellent and sounds like all Rock Bands should be! Although The music is very good, alot of its energy comes from the lyrics that lift you up and Challenge Christian and Non-Christian audiences. By The Way As (JIMMY HEDRIX) made a legacy for the america national Hynm-Dennis's Camerun Made it as well For CANADA / My Second Motherland, And First of all, I have to say that from a Christian point of View, Angelica used to be a more or less solo project of Canadian Multi-Instrumentalist / Singer Dennis Cameron. Now it seems he's finally got a band together. This is a great album, very melodic, Canadian Christian rock band. they have a sound that is close to a Journey-ish sound. The song "Cover me" is a great Bluesy Rock jam!! And Dennis Camerons Guitar playing is crushin'!! If you like the traditional rock sound this album is for you!! Check out the samples. just heavy rock and groaning. Apart from a Pretty 12-String Acoustic Riff on "Cover Me", it was a woefully un-original and uninspired side 1.

Side 2 / two just more Heavy mumbling and groaning -sounding so depressed. A manic, very free rendition of the "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" sounded more like killer bees going berserk in his tee-shirt. "Rhyme Or Reason" lacked both, "Without Words" was full of them - and the rocked-up Canadian Anthem at the end must send their audiences wild, but I'm afraid left me as unmoved as the rest of this album. Mundane heavy rock-come-metal. / Angelica - Rock, Stock & Barrel 1989 / Goldmine Record Collectors Guidebook.

I checked out the disc before purchasing it and was blown away by the guitar playing of Dennis Cameron and the melodic vocal stylings of Rob Rock, who also sang for Impellitteri and Joshua. I was already familiar with producer Ken Tamplin, who also sings on one song ("Face to Face"). In any case, Angelica are smooth melodic heavy metal and their debut is still my favorite of the four albums they released. Hard as heck to find now, although KMG Records released a cheesy reissue with "Rock, Stock, & Barrel". The re-issue is missing two songs from this album though, making it completely useless. 

Some interesting notes about this album. The album was recorded in Costa Mesa California. The cover photo and notes lists the band as Andy Lyon, Scott Ernest, Bob Pallen and Dennis Cameron. Of course, Andy did not actually sing on this disc. Apparently when Ken Tamplin was recording the vocals he put Andy through such an ordeal in the studio that he quit and this was the reason Rob Rock was brought in to finish the sessions. The one track Rob did not sing on, Ken only recorded as a demo because with a new vocalist, the arrangements had to be changed slightly.

Apparently Dennis Cameron liked Ken's vocals so much on this track that they just decided to keep it. / Excellent record!! This was probably their best record. Dennis Cameron's guitar work is legendary. He is not mentioned among the guitar greats in heavy metal and for the life of me I cannot figure out why. He is great! Check out Bumble Boop Groove as an example. Drew Baca's vocals are another high point of this group. He is a great singer for this type of music, which is hard rock. Favorites include: Cover Me, Home Sweet Heaven, and Rhyme and Reason. But the whole album is terrific.

Angelica fue una banda de finales de los 80's e inicios de los 90's que, a pesar de no mantener una base constante de integrantes, siempre se mantuvo en la misma línea musical, el Hard Rock, y de muy buena calidad por cierto. / Angelica debuta en 1989, con un álbum del mismo nombre. La alineación inicial para esta grabación estaba integrada por el guitarrista Dennis Cameron (nacido en Renfrew, al noreste de Ontario, Canadá, el vocalista Andy Lyon, el bajista Robert Pallen y el baterista Scott Ernest. Sin embargo Lyon no finalizó con las sesiones de grabación, y llegó en su reemplazo Rob Rock. Dennis produjo este disco, pero específicamente la producción de las voces estuvo a cargo de Ken Tamplin.

//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////

Para su segundo disco, tiulado "Walkin' In Faith", la banda experimentó un drástico cambio en su alineación, la cual esta vez presentaría a Cameron en la batería y en las guitarras, a Pallen nuevamente en el bajo y al nuevo vocalista Jerome Mazza / En 1991 la alineación nuevamente cambió, y Angelica tenía un tercer nuevo vocalista: Drew Baca. La banda también estrenó baterista ese año: Bobby Lawrence. Pallen permaneció en el bajo y Cameron en las guitarras. El '91, además de una nueva alineación, trajo también un nuevo disco de la banda, "Rock, Stock And Barrel".

//////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////

"Time Is All It Takes", el último disco de Angelica (sin contar recopilaciones) fue lanzado en 1992. Para esta producción la banda estaba integrada solamente por Cameron y Baca. / Después de todos esos años, Cameron, quien fuera el único que permaneciera en Angelica durante todos sus cambios en la alineación, dejó la música y se involucró en la electrónica. Sin embargo, tiempo después participó como músico de Michael Sweet (vocalista de Stryper) durante alguna de sus giras. Además, en 2002 Cameron formó una nueva banda, llamada Cynical Limit, junto a Robert Pallen, el bajista de años de Angelica.

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