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Narnia - Enter the Gate 2006 / Japanese Version


1. Into This Game

2. People Of The Bloodred Cross

3. Another World

4. Show All The World

5. Enter The Gate

6. Take Me Home

7. This Is My Life

8. Aiming Higher

9. Man From Nazareth

10. Hymn To The North (Bonus Track)


Band Former & Past/ Members

Germán Pascual - Vocals

Christian Rivel - Vocals

Carljohan Grimmark - Guitar, Vocals

Martin Claeson - Keyboard

Linus Kase - Keyboard

Jakob Persson - Bass

Andreas Olsson - Bass

Andreas Johansson - Drums

Fredrik Junhammar - Drums

This is one of the best albums Narnia had realesed. Last one was really good but a little bit darker musically and lirically speaking but with Enter the gate they have returned to the most positive message in the line of Long Live The King album.

The lyrics are great, the music is amazing with Carljohan Grimmark doing a superb guitar work everyday more and more far away from the malmsteen sound-alike that was in Narnia early days and Christian's voice is oustanding nevermind that he doesn't scream very much He is a unique vocalist in the Ronnie J. Dio line.

The only Thing that I dislike a little is the production sound that it has to be a little more brighter but is not big deal./ Definite a must have for all Christian metal fans and power metal lovers.

Narnia are one of the better metal bands out there today. This is some really great traditional heavy metal with progressive and power metal influences. The vocals are mid-range and not too over the top so people who are turned off by the high pitched squeals of bands like Stratovarius will appreciate that. Their singer actually has a unique agressive tone yet all the while showing a powerful clear range.

Guitarist Carl Grimmark is top notch rivaling greats like Yngwie Malmsteen and although there are penty of keyboards they do not overburden the music like some other bands of this genre. All the songs are catchy and memorable and they don't use any dark imagery or anything like that either. It's good to hear some positive lyrics in the metal scene. The production on this disc is top notch. / If you own anything by Narnia prior to this you need this one too as it is miles above the rest of their catalogue. / Fans of Blind Guardian, Kamelot, Dio and Malmsteen will love this.

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