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Narnia - Awakening 1997 / JAPAN EDITION / Pony Canyon Records


1. Break The Chains

2. No More Shadows From The Past

3. The Return Of Aslan

4. Heavenly Love

5. Time Of Changes

6. The Awakening

7. Touch From You

8. Sign Of The Time

9. Let Me Rest In Your Arms (Bonus Track)

This is an amazing album from start to finish. OK so the lyrics are a bit cheesy but the music makes up for that, CarlJohan Grimmark is an amazing musician, he plays guitar, keyboards and bass on this album and also programs the drums which I'm not shure are real or not but they still sound great all the same.

I just wonder if he is influenced by Yngwie at all??? .... There is possibly a small chance he might be . All the same he a great guitarist and does a good job even thought he does sound a bit too much like his idol.

The vocals are not the best in the world but they still do a good job, I can't get enough of 'No More Shadows from the Past', what a song that is!!!! 'The Awakening' is also a favorite of mine on this album. All of the other songs sound good too there isn't really a weak song on here. / This is a great album overall and I ant wait to check out more of their stuff / Rock on NARNIA!!

This is the terrific debut album of Swedish neoclassical metal heroes Narnia, The Band consisting of only guitar hero Calle Grimmark and singer Christian Liljegren, really shows what melodic metal is all about. / Calle Grimmarks guitar style is wery much compared with Yngwie Malmsteens (another Swedish guitar hero) / His fast accurate technique fits like a glove with the melodic music that signifies the whole album.

Awakening is the first album I listed to by Narnia and I was pretty impressed. If you listen to metal or hard rock mainly for the guitar playing, like I do, you should like this album. There are only 8 tracks here but none are bad in my opinion. Some songs are heavier than others but they all provide some good listening variety.

There is one track that is more speedy in rhythm but most of the music is of a mid-tempo speed for metal. That is my favorite type of metal. If you are looking for neck-breaking speed, you won't find it hear (except for the first song) but you will find yourself bobbing your head at a casual pace, if you want to call it that, on several songs.

This was released in 1998 but you would think it was 1988 if you didn't know better (and that is a GOOD thing in my opinion). This is by no means one of my all-time favorite albums but is definitely something I enjoy popping in now and then and overall is an excellent album. My favorite tracks are Time of Changes and Touch From You.

By the way /  C.S. Lewis' Christian faith inspired him to write the Narnia Chronicles, which are filled with parallels that come directly from Biblical stories and Christian doctrine. Literature with such parallels is called Allegory. If one is not familiar with the Bible and doctrine itself, it's easy to see how the writer would only view Narnia as a mere fantasy story. Narnia's message and music,

even when it does not include direct references to the Narnia books (Narnia's other very good albums like Desert Land include very clear references to the books, like "Witch and the Lion"), is inspired by the same source that inspired Lewis- faith in Jesus Christ and the Judeo/Christian message set forth in the Bible from beginning to end . Both draw on the same ultimate source. There are many books and biographies relating to C.S. Lewis and the Narnia series that point out the biblical parallels for those who are curious.

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