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Jeff Scheetz - Pawn Shop 1997 / Japan version


01. Coffeehouse Blues

02. Pike

03. Soaring

04. Platform Shoes

05. Lakota

06. Legend

07. Return Of The Wolf

08. Uncle Glen Shuffle

09. Space Madness

10. Rock Of Ages

11. ST. Valentine (Bonus Tracks)

12. Warp Speed  (Bonus Tracks)

13. Tornado Alley  (Bonus Tracks)

Jeff Scheetz is very much a musician's musician whose name may not be bandied about by the hoi polloi but whose dazzling guitar work has for years earned him the reputation among the cognoscente as one of the world's greatest rock guitarists. He has toured the world demonstrating his stunning technique for Yamaha guitars,

he has contributed fine work on numerous albums down the years (most recently making an unexpected appearance on the hip-hop album 'Converted: The Biography' by Detroit rapper Elohin) and enjoyed praise for both his occasional solo instrumental albums and his two CDs with the Jeff Scheetz band. And if all that wasn't enough,

Jeff has occasionally found the time to produce projects for others, his most recent being the debut album by British metal band Conduit, set for release in April. / Cross Rhythms' Tony Cummings met up with the axe hero last year and began by asking Jeff where faith came into his music. "When I did several instrumental albums,

that was always a question. It's funny because it was never a question to me; Christ, hopefully, is in everything I do. Whether I'm making music or walking my dog - whatever it is - Christ should be there, and it should be evident to people around me. I like to think that I'm playing music that has God's handiwork somewhere in it. I don't necessarily always specifically say, 'Okay, I have to think about a religious angle for this', because then, to me, you're manufacturing it, as opposed to just doing what it is and who you are. In the new stuff we do, it's not what a lot of people call your normal Christian-type lyrics - it's not your 'praise the Lord' kind of lyrics.

But I write all the lyrics, and the sentiments are from my perspective. I'm a Christian, so it's my world view, it's how I see things. It's not all peachy and happy, certainly not a praise and worship kind of thing, it's more the perspective of someone who has to live in the world and have dealings with other people who aren't Christians."

Jeff began to play guitar around 1980 after a failed attempt to play the cornet at school in the Midwestern US state of Iowa. "I was terrible at it and didn't like it much at all," Jeff told "Most people would have said I didn't have much natural ability I suppose. But when I started the guitar it was like I had found my voice. And while it didn't come easily, I just poured myself into it and that was all I did. So just like with anything, if you put in the time, you get the reward."


The hard work soon paid off as Jeff's playing impressed guitar manufacturer Yamaha so much they offered him a high profile job as one of their clinicians. The role took Scheetz to guitar shows all over the States. "It was very helpful - once you have a foot in the door, it is much easier to get people to listen to you," the guitarist told Grace And Fury.

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