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Jeff scheetz - Warp speed 1992


01. St. Valentine

02. Warp Speed

03. The Black Cat

04. Tornado Alley

05. Shark Attack

06. Lone Wolf

07. Amazing Grace

Another Rare Nature Disc / Hard-to-Find / Extremenlly Impossible / It May be not one Japaness edition but its a hard -to-find , I just got one copy after 10 years / Jeff Scheetz is a professional guitarist especially skilled in technique and noted for his precision in playing a variety of music. Trained in classical, rock, and jazz, he spent many years leading guitar workshops sponsored by Yamaha Guitars and writing a column on guitar technique for HM magazine. This is Jeff's first effort, and is a collection of shredding guitar pieces released on an Independent label & recorded in Mexico in 1992 in the vein of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Each track not only illustrates his chops but also his playful sense of humor.


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