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Micheal Sweet - Truth 2001 / Jappan Version / King records


01. Distracted

02. All I'm Thinking Of (Is You)

03. I Am Adam

04. Blue Bleeds Through

05. Wool & Chiffon

06. Save Me

07. The Ever After

08. Tomorrow

09. Lift My Head

10. Truth

11. Achilles Heel

12. Stone

13. Face (Bonus Track)

14. Water (Bonus Track)

Truth [Japan Import] +2 Bonus Tracks/ Out of print original Japanese import edition, loaded with two exclusive Japan only bonus tracks, for a total 14. Released in 2001 by King records Japan. Out of print.

This album has some songs from the other truth release but has some songs not on that release either. This was self re;eased before picked up by a major label years later to be mass produced. Obviously making this more rare and harder to obtain. Though you need to own both "truth" cds for a full collection. Hope this helps.

Michael Sweet is back and ready to take his message to newer heights with the release of Truth. This is by far one of Michael's best works, Stryper wise or solo. "This is a must buy for everyone"! For those of you that have waited for that Stryper sound to return with a solo album from Michael this one is a must have.

Michael has a allstar band with Kenny Arnoff on drums (John Cougar Mellencamp) and old Stryper bandmate Oz Fox lending hand on guitar. Michael brings with this album a Metal/Hard Rock heavy guitar sound on the songs of 'Save Me' and 'The Ever After' along with a Beatleish sound on the song 'All I'm thinking of (is you)'. Michael's lyrics come alive as he shows us the effects of God's love through the good and bad times.

If Michael's new record company Restless Record's promote this right, he's going to be in for a great year. / Hands down, "Album of the Year". A more diversified sound of tunes put together by one artist than I have ever heard. After a five year absence,

Michael returns with a rested, more powerful voice and fresh new songs (some re-recorded from previous "Truth" album). A must have for all Stryper, Michael Sweet fans! If you have never heard of this man before, do yourself a favor and listen to this album.

When someone goes "Solo" from a group, many people assume that the music or the artist just can not be as good as the original group. Truth, from Michael Sweet, is the best material that I have heard from Michael bar none, solo or Stryper!

If Restless Records can sit up and take notice with this record/artist I believe Truth can be HUGE! Hopefully they won't drop the ball like alot of other labels and waste a great thing. If you remember Stryper then remember Michael. You won't believe what you hear! A must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael Sweet is one talented guy. Not only does he have an incredible singing voice, possess guitar chops, play piano, raise a family, and have several platinum albums to his name, he is also an incredible open, honest, and humble guy. I've met him and seen him in concert with his former band Stryper.

Before you start to cringe you should realize that this is not material that sounds like it should have been released in 1988. Michael has continued to update himself after taking some time off from the music biz in the early 90's. "Truth" shows that he can still kick it into high gear when needed.

You should know that there are two versions of this disc. The first one (with the blue and yellow swirl cover) was released independently-I believe-in 1999 or 2000. This current disc contains many of those same songs. Apparently, when Michael signed with SONY they insisted that the album be re-recorded completely with the exception of "Stone".

This is a good disc, but for my money the original was better. I like the mix on the earlier disc MUCH better. The guitars have more balls. Plus, for some reason a few of the songs were arranged differently for this new recording, and I like the way they were played on the earlier version better. Thus my 3 star review. This is good stuff, but it has been done even better!

That aside, standouts here are "Distracted" (with HEAVY guitar), "I Am Adam" (a very unique song), "Lift My Head", and "Stone" with its beautiful piano. If you can't find the earlier version this will suffice, but you will be missing out..

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