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Joshua Perahia - Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye 1984 / 1994 / 2001 / 2008 / Japan Import


01. Falling Again
02. November Is Going Away
03. Sweet 'Lil Hurricane
04. Song for Lisa, A
05. Let's Breakaway
06. Broken Dream
07. Flying High
08. Portrait of a Woman

Joshua Perahia - Guitars, Vocals
Joey Rochrich - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Eric Stoskopf -Drums,Percussion With:Michael O'Mara -Vocals
Elizabeth Vandall - Add'l Backup Vocals
Diane Arens - Keyboards

The Debut album from LA's greatest band that never made least there was potential with this debut. A long lost AOR/HR classic from LA's rock scene of 1982. Classy keyboards and songs that'll appeal to fans of the big name AOR Rock Giants of the 80s, with Joshua Perahia's Great Guitar, be it acoustic or fast metal work [a great mix of his metallic stylings and Donnie Gougeon's keyboard work on the classic "November Is Going Away"] AND this is the only JOSHUA album to feature the outstanding vocals of Stephen ["Stef"] Fontaine! One of the few albums to feature Fontaine, as he would later go on to work with URIAH HEEP, Eddie St James, and in more recent years sang on the lone HEARTACHE CITY disc.

Gems such as "Falling Again", "Sweet Lil' Hurricane" and "Broken Dream" are evidence that this was a killer debut, and a shame it was never followed up by this Line-up / The hand is quicker than the eye" is the debut album by guitarist Joshua Perahia, originally released in 1983. This CD is a 2001 reissue by "M&K Sound" simply featuring the 8-track original album. Though "Joshua" would become widely recognised as a Glam Metal/Melodic Hard Rock outfit from the mid 80s-onwards, this early release leans towards AOR/Melodic rock, not dissimilar to the sound of "Journey" or "Foreigner".

The line up features lead singer Stephen Fontaine, bassist Mahlon Hawk, drummer Tony Zaccaglin and key-player Donnie Gougeon alongside Joshua who uncovers a great deal of his talent on "The hand...". Joshua unmistakably comes out as a shredder on this debut, despite being adult oriented rock-a fact experienced by the listener as early as the opening of the second track, the hit single "November is going away". For that matter the lead guitar work on "The hand..." is definitely ahead of its time with best example being the first solo of "Broken dream".

Beyond Joshua's technical proficiency, one has to address that the songwriting is of very high quality: while including a few up-lifting rockers such as "Flying high" and "Sweet `lil hurricane", the record bares a strong melancholic essence; for experienced fans that fact probably translates into AOR-brilliance as the entire album is full of heart-felt performances and, for that matter, "November is going away" becomes the tip of the spear of the melodic sensation that is Joshua's debut.

This band should have been named the KING'S OF ROCK! Joshua doesn't know how to write a bad song. His Guitar playing is the sweetest, fastest, meanest, classy, honest, spine tingling, heart felt, sentimental, mature, and far beyond any artist in rock history. Shame on the USA record companies for not allowing him to have the great success he had in Europe, and Japan. Pink Floyd, Journey, Boston, and Santana, could never stand next to this band, or JOSHUA PERAHIA himself. Joshua is annointed by GOD. His 6 albums I own, are my inspiration for living.

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