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Joshua Perahia - Surrender 1985/1992/1994/2001


01. Surrender Love
02. Heart Full of Soul
03. Your Love is Gone
04. Stay Alive (Go on Believing)
05. Rockin' the World
06. Back to the Rock
07. Hold On
08. Show Me the Way
09. Loveshock
10. Rockin' the World (Reprise)

Last Line Up/
Joshua Perahia - Guitars
Jeff Fenholt & Robert Basauri - Lead Vocals
Joe Tafoya - Drums
Loren Robinson & Joshua Perahia - Bass
Patrick Bradley & Eric Norlander - Keyboards
Ken Tamplin - Guitars/Vocals

Background Vocals
Ken Price - Background Vocals
Bryan Fleming - Background Vocals
Craig Ostbo - Background Vocals
Joe Galletta - Background Vocals
Eric Tottobene - Background Vocals

JOSHUA's Albums are simply Top Class HEAVY METAL while carrying some GLAM some MELODIC some EPIC or POWERish influences at times... ... as well as travelling us on the Harder Side of HARD ROCK or Blasting ARENA ROCK... ...but never denying the deep roots of Quality BLUES !!  A Band that can remind us of Whitesnake or Scorpions or Rainbow or Michael Schenker Group or even Judas Priest sometimes.

And here with a Host of World Acclaimed Names... The Vocals are handled by Mr JEFF FENHOLT who apart from his Theatre Lead Role in "Jesus Christ Superstar", was also involved with Black sabbath for a short while. And some Mega Input on the Guitars by Mr KEN TAMPLIN of SHOUT. Worthy of mentioning is the Vocal Input of Mr ROBYN KYLE BASAURI of RED SEA,DIE HAPPY (here spelled differently)

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