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Joshua Perahia - Intense Defense 1988 / 2007 Japan Version


01. Reach Up
02. I've Been Waiting
03. Only Yesterday
04. Crying Out for Love
05. Living on the Edge
06. Tearing at My Heart
07. Remembering You
08. Look to the Sky
09. Don't You Know
10. Stand Alone

Rob Rock – Vocals
Joshua Perahia – Guitars
Greg Shultz – Keyboards
Emil Lech – Bass
Tim Gehrt - Drums

1988's Intense Defense was the third album from Christian melodic rock band Joshua, which featured shred artist Joshua Perahia. I don't know how I missed this one when it was originally released, because I was very much into Christian hard rock at the time, and Intense Defense would have been right up my alley.

Unlike previous Joshua albums, which focused on hyperfast guitar shredding, Intense Defense was a more melodic, less metal offering that was somewhere between Stryper's hair metal sound and the harder-edged power metal of Barren Cross. It reminds me of what House of Lords and King Kobra were releasing around that time. The songs are upbeat, keyboard-driven melodic rockers, with the obligatory power ballad thrown in. The songs are well-written, and the lyrics, while Christian in nature, are ambiguously so. They're positive, but not overtly religious. Whether this was an attempt for the crossover success that Stryper achieved, or the band was just trying not to alienate potential listeners, it seems to work pretty well. Intense Defense is much more accessible to the average listener than albums by Joshua's more evangelical peers in Whitecross or Petra.

Intense Defense's real asset, and the main reason I picked up the disc as a Japanese import 17 years later, is vocalist Rob Rock, who performed with Impelliteri and Warrior before launching a successful (for this type of music) solo career. Rock has a soaring voice that is perfectly suited for melodic hard rock and heavy metal, and it is his performance here that sets Joshua apart from some of the rest of the pack.

Christian rock and metal fans should definitely seek out this album, as it is a notable entry in the genre. It should also appeal to fans of melodic hard rock and heavy metal in general and Rob Rock fans in particular.

Joshua Perahia is an American guitarist in the Hard Rock/Glam metal/AOR fields of rock; he is perceived by many to be the fastest guitar player/shredder in the world surpassing the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen and Chris Impellitteri. What is undeniable though is that from the early 80s to 2001 he released a total of five groundbreaking hard rock albums; "Intense defense" is his third studio album originally released in 1988. This line up is set to include iconic singer Rob Rock (ex Axel Rudi Pell, Impellitteri, Solo), bass player Emil Leigh, drummer Tim Gehrt and Greg Schultz on keyboards.

Even under the strictest perspective "Intense Defense" stands as a very good hard rock album offering a number of great tracks such as "Only yesterday", "Look to the Sky", Crying out for love" and "Don't you know".

On a personal level what I found really interesting is that many British rock/metal journalists consider and have adamantly stated that "Intense Defense" is the greatest AOR album of all time. Sure "Int. Defense" is a powerful statement in rock but it is by no means flawless; Rob's vocals although technically perfect could be considered as typical and not as colorful. Joshua's guitar playing is nothing out of the ordinary throughout this album; it has to be pointed out that Joshua was never one to reach his speed limit in every song but throughout "Intense defense" there is literally no evidence of his "legendary" shredding speed (as was more than apparent on his previous releases). Overall "I.D." stands nowhere near its predecessor "Surrender" (1985) which was simply a barrage of speeding melodies and a masterpiece of a composition.

Joshua Perahia - Something To Say 2001

This is my favorite album. It is different from the entire music scene today because it melts together, the best of the 80's melodic rock, with a modern twist that no one is doing today. The guitar is absolutely out of this world, and the vocal melodies are breath taking. This band has a great history of perfect albums, and this one is the best of the best. With Keith Olson as a producer, and Joshua as a guitarist, shredder, writer, this is a combination that is unbeatble. The vocals are wonderful, but the guitar seems to light the album on fire, without distracting from the incredible melodies. This really is an amazing departure from anything out there today.

M&K Sound Entertainment is proud to announce the release of the brand new album the popular AOR/melodic rock recording artists JOSHUA PERAHIA (formerly JOSHUA). The album was produced by the world renowned Keith Olsen (Fleetwood Mac, Scorpions, Heart, Santana). The CD features guitar legend Joshua Perahia, Alex Ligertwood of Santana on vocals on four songs (aside from 8 tracks featuring ex-Tower vocalist Jerry Gabriel), including the single "Remembering You". Jason Scheff of Chicago and Rick Baker of Santana are also featured performers on both versions. This is a fantastic melodic hard rock album, reminiscent of the classic sounds of Journey, Humble Pie, Whitesnake, Black Crowes,etc........and a MUST for all guitar virtuoso fans! The songs "Something to Say" and "The First and The Last" appear in the upcoming Perpetua Films epic motion picture "The Copper Scroll".

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