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Recon - Behind Enemy Lines 1994 / Japan Edition


01. In the Beginning

02. Lost Soldier

03. Ancient of Days

04. Choose this Day

05. Dreams

06. Take Us Away

07. Holy Is the Lord

08. Alive

09. Eternal Destiny

10. Behind Enemy Lines

11. Finals Words (Bonus)

12. Light The Fire (Bonus)

13. Dream (Another Take) (Bonus)


John Christianson - Drums

Mike Grato - Bass

George Ochoa - Lead, Rhythm,And Acoustic Guitars

Vett Roberts - Lead Vocals

Eddie Starline - Rhythm Guitars



John Christianson - Drums

Mike Grato - Bass Guitar

George Ochoa - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars

Vett Roberts - Lead Vocals

Eddie Starline - Rhythm Guitars

Additional Musicians:

Ronson - Keyboards, Background Vocals

Jimmy Brown - Background vocals, 1st solo on 8

Rick Jones - Acoustic Guitars on 1

Roger Martinez - Voiceovers

Released in 1990, Behind Enemy Lines was the debut album from Christian metal band Recon. The band played a thrash-based style of American power metal similar to bands like (early) Queensryche, (early) Fates Warning, Crimson Glory, Apocrypha and Helstar. On the Christian side of the house, the band shared similarities (and personnel at times) with Deliverance and Vengeance Rising.

Recon's style owes a lot to early Queensryche and Fates Warning, more because of vocalist Vett Roberts's high octave delivery than any real progressive metal elements. The band was a little late to adopt the American power metal sound, but just in time to adopt the rapid fire riffing of the emerging thrash metal scene. The musicianship is tight, the vocals stand out, and the songs are well written.

Recon may not have been a terribly original band, but they definitely delivered the goods. The band's lyrics are obviously Christian in nature, but in a more epic, conceptual kind of way. Their intentions are never mistaken, but they don't have that Sunday school, preaching to the choir approach that a lot of other Christian bands took. As such, the music should be fairly accessible to non-Christian listeners. Behind Enemy Lines was Recon's only studio album, though the band members would go on to other projects with Vengeance Rising and Mortification.

This is one of the better Christian metal albums I've heard (and I've heard my share), and it's got enough going on for it that it should appeal to a wider metal audience as well, assuming anyone can find a copy. Picture a heavy Queensryche (a la Queen of the Ryche) doing Christian metal and you get Recon! One of the best progressive albums ever made IMO. I love the vocals,

love the guitar work, love the songs!.Believers of Jesus Christ if you are looking for a sound which may never occur again, then look no further. In the tradition of Queenryche's first album 'Warning', the Lord presents you with this most pleasurable experience. Solid 80's rock and roll mixed with salvational lyrics and warmed with operatic vocals this is definately one for the archive at home. If there's metal in heaven I pray it sounds like this. With only one studio album produced you must purchase this while you can. Amen.

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