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Narnia - Aslan Is Not A Tame Lion 1974 / 1994 / Japan Edition


01. You'd Better Believe It

02. Muddy Ground

03. The Juggler

04. Agapé

05. To a Fountain

06. Miracle Of Birth

07. In the Forest

08. Boogie For Narnia

09. Living Water

Pauline Filby - Vocals

John Russell - Electric Guitar,

John Russell - Acoustic Guitar, Recorder, Vocals

Tim Hatwell - Bass, Acoustic Guitar

Peter Banks - Keyboards, Acoustic Guitar

Kenneth "Ginger" Dixon - Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Narnia were really a vehicle for singer Pauline Filby, who following the band's demise maintained a career as a UK folkie. This 1974 album is a bit of a classic for mixing folk and pop together with a strong production and the album has generally survived the intervening years pretty well and still sounds fresh.

These days the band are best remembered as being a project featuring future After The Fire band mates John Russell on guitar and Pete Banks on keyboards and certainly they add a solid musical backing to Filby's well crafted songs. Bassist Tim Hatwell and drummer Ginger Dixon completed the line up and provided a very effective rhythm section. The combination of folk and pop excel on songs like "Muddy Ground" and "The Juggler" but on songs like "Agape" and "Living Water" the band really stretch out towards rock, occasionally perhaps even in a prog rock direction. Thematically, for the times, the band are exploring spiritual themes but doing it in a creative fashion.

 The band sadly only survived for a year but they did play at the very first Greenbelt festival in 1974. Ultimately this was one of the better UK Christian albums of the period and overdue a CD re-release. / Narnia were a one-shot Female-fronted UK outfit, operating in the lightweight, folky end of the progressive spectrum, with a Christian bent to a few tracks, notably Miracle Of Birth and In The Forest / Hardly Surprising, given their whole C.S. Lewis thing, I suppose. I don't personally find the music especially enthralling, but if you like the quieter, simpler type of '70s stuff, you may be into it. / Keyboard man Peter Banks (no relation to the ex-Yes/Flash Guitarist)

I couldn't find any info about this band. I know that it's an English band with A folk rock touch in their music. Their singer Pauline Filby recorded a solo album before joining the band. Worth to hear. / The Myrrh Records label was established in late 1971 as a subsidiary of Word Records to focus on the marketing and distribution of pop-sounding religious issues.

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