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Follower - Into The Son 1994 / HTF



01. A Tear From God's Eye

02. Bath Me In The Blood

03. Father of Lies

04. Fear No Evil

05. Into The Son

06. Kill The Nazarene

07. Praise The Lord

08. Tired of Running

09. Tribulation Times

10. You Gotta Chose


CCM Melodic Rock

Lance Kelner - Lead Vocals, Guitar On Fear Not Evil

Fred Howard - Drums

John Howard - Bass, Kurzweil Strings

Brian Wooten - Rhythm, Guitar, Background Vocals

Kerry Crafton - Rhythm Guitar, Background Vocals


well this band sounds me a little familiar to the next list.Taker,Eternal Ryte, And Christavox, if you like those bands then this is a must for you./ se las recomiendo una banda underground, con exelente estilo.ala Eternal Ryte, a Templo...


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