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Vu - All I Need Is U 1996 / Extremely Hard-To-Find


01. Funky Intro

02. Rock For The Right Reason

03. Guitar Student

04. Thief In The Night

05. Love of Jesus

06. Shielded

07. What Will it Take?

08. Newlyweds

09. All I Need Is U

10. Balcuilrezsreers

11. Child of The King

12. Who Will it Be?

13. Light of The World

14. Dave's Snoring

Bart Hafeman - Lead And Backing Vocals

David Karn - Lead, Rhythm,

David Karn - Coustic Guitar, Backing vocals

Joe Swaim - Bass, Electric Guitar

Jason Looney - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jason Martinez - Drums, Percussion, Backing Bocals

Specifically, this kooky writer is describing VU's current album All I Need Is You. This five-man outfit from Oregon first formed in 1986, broke up shortly after graduating from high school, and re-formed in 1995. They play a brand of rock which is clearly influenced by 80's anthem & arena rock. VU bears an uncanny musical similarity to Def Leppard, both in the vocal delivery of Bart Haferman and in the arena guitar-rock sound, and appear to have strong Bon Jovi influences. Fans of Bloodgood and Nouveaux will enjoy this album immensely, as will anyone who enjoyed 80's rock bands like Europe / One of the more notable songs is "Love of Jesus." Break out the lighters, boys and girls, this is one of those beautiful "power ballads":

Everywhere I go You're right by my side

I take all my cares to You, cause your arms are open wide

My troubles fade when I seek your face

I am surrounded by all of your grace

This is a very ministry-driven album. Many of the songs are simple praise and worship rock songs and would fit quite nicely beside Petra and Whitecross tracks. "Who Will It Be?", a catchy, all-acoustic number, describes making a choice to follow God / Production is very good, allowing for clear sonics and crisp Guitars, and allowing the music to be prominent for the listener.

Category: CCM Hard Rock / Christian Hard rock A.O.R / Originating From the state of Oregon, this version of VU are not to be confused with the San Francisco band The VU, who morphed from the band The View and featured ex Journey members. Hopefully once you have gotten that bit of confusion out of the way, your 'view' will be sufficiently clear. VU is the brainchild of Bart Hafeman, who it appears is also the band's producer and engineer. He has assembled what looks like a bunch of studio musicians and friends to play on this album 'Just As I Am', which is Christian based melodic hard rock/metal in the vein of Def Leppard meets Sure Conviction.

Just As I Am' is the bands second album, their debut 'All I Need Is U' was released in 1996 on the same label. Bart and his boyz certainly give the listening punter value for money with thirteen tracks up for grabs. Typically in CCM fashion, the band give us an array of polished melodic rockers ('What Are You Gonna Do?', 'I'm Forgiven', 'Whenever I Call Your Name') plus a smattering of acoustic ballads and power ballads. In my opinion, there are probably too many of the latter, but considering the Lord gets quite a bit of attention here, it is no surprise to hear him venerated within the confines of more tranquil melodic music. Still, many of the songs are worth listening to, as I found to my enjoyment.

Overall, the presence of the songs is quite well defined. The musicianship and vocal harmonies are spot on. The production is good for what it is, but obviously with a bigger budget and more time, many of these songs could very well have kicked some serious ass in a larger market segment. It's a shame that much of the late 80's Christian rock movement went to the pack in the 90's, and even worse - into the 21st century, where CCM meets hip hop and rap is not a good mix! I would like to see more Christian metal releases with a melodic inclination along the lines of VU. Someone make it happen!

Few Years Back this Melodic Rockband released a great album entitled 'All I need is U'. The band has now released a new CD titled 'Just as I am'. And musically nothing has changed. The music is maybe not so interesting for the AOR fan, however if you like 80s Melodic Rock a la first NOUVEAUX, STRYPER (circa 'In God we trust') and the debut of NELSON ('After the rain'), then this CD is a must for you.

There's bags of raw energy and Kate's Guest Vocal yes, so much more than BVs is sibilelndpng, as indeed it should be for a Seer. A great band, It has the big chorus backgroung vocals & the lead singer sounds like Def Leppard's lead singer / Holy 80s retro-rock, Batman! Haven't heard this kind of stuff in a long time!

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