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D.O.X - Through The Fire 1989 / Hard-To-Find


01. Cutting Edge

02. I See a Day

03. Through The Fire

04. Don't Look Back

05. Can't You See

06. R U Runnin'

07. Hearts on Fire

08. The Love That I Needed

09. Faces in the Wall

Mark De La Bretonne - Lead Vocals

Rick Lane - Rhythm And Lead Guitars

Dave Fiorazo - Drums, Percussion

Jeff Foster - Bass

Great stuff!! Alot of Great keyboards..A must have For all you AOR lovers! This must be the most rare of all the christian rock cds, actually this one reminds me of a second rate idle cure, there are some very good tunes in here but the album as a whole lacks consistency. worth getting though!. Melodic Harmonies, filled of keyboards melodic vocal, imagine the mixture of Survivor and Phenomena II or Asia or in the Christian scene imagines Watchmen meets Sweet Crystal.

D.O.X. - D.O.X. 1986 Frontline records; Produced By Terry Taylor of Daniel Amos, and out of all the many projects that Terry was involved with, this may be the one that sounds closest to being another realese by Daniel Amos / Terry wrote some of the lyrics & the music on here giving much of the album a "Fearful Symmetry" Type of feel, Terry also sings background vocals on here along with Daniel Amos members, Tim Chandler & Rob Watson. D.O.X. released one more album after this one called "Through the fire" which is no where near as good as this one. This is a awesome release right here!! Never made in cd format and super hard to find on cassette or vinyl.

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