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Crown Of Mercy - New Beginnings 2007


01. The Fall

02. Mercy

03. The Word

04. Follow The Light

05. The Gift

06. Realization Of Truth

07. Touching The Nothing

08. Holy

09. God Is Real

10. Day Of Completion

11. There And Back Again



Rick Johnson – Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Dirk Werner – Lead Guitar

Michael Reed – Bass

Jeremy Richardson - Percussion


New Christian progressive rock that won't hold back the truth that must be told. Powerful Anthems for true belivers.Crown of Mercy is on the verge of breaking new ground. Bringing in your face progressive rock music to the Christian scene. This sounds like it could scare a few elderly women. The loud crunching guitars with the pounding rhythm section is enough to make grandpa grab on to the closest rail and pray for mercy. Fortunately these guys really have it together.

This is an album that tells a story of mankind's struggle as we go from thinking that we have the power to realizing that only God has the power. You will go on a journey that will have a happy ending just as predicted in the Bible. This is an album that will set new standards for the "church music" to come. If you like to get fired up about the greatest news on the planet, in your face guitars and a message that will leave you wanting more, you will love this album. Several talented new bands have come out of the growing Christian progressive rock scene in recent years. / There are some people who still believe that Christian metal is an oxymoron or even blasphemy. But to the Indiana-based Crown of Mercy, their spiritual faith is profoundly linked to their love of rock music. In this case, their progressive metal stylings is their way of pronouncing their religious beliefs.

If you don’t share their Biblical leanings, don’t let it bias you before you hear their music. Crown of Mercy’s album New Beginnings has the guitar wallop of prime Blue Oyster Cult with the dreamy majesty of Queensrÿche / James Wall: The whole idea of Christian metal is often misunderstood and not always accepted by the spiritual community because of certain hard rock groups’ association with Satanism and witchcraft in the past. Has Crown of Mercy experienced any resentment from conservative Christians because of metal’s notorious reputation?

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