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Ruscha - Come Alive 1996 / Japan version / Victor Entertainment


01. Come Alive

02. Someone Listening

03. Broken Heart

04. Holy and True

05. Come Home

06. Thy Word Stands Forever

07. Burning Bridges

08. Exalt the Name

09. Do You Care?

10. Lord of the Impossible

Andy Denton - Vocals

Nikolai Pankratz - Guitars

Peter Pankratz - Bass, Vocals

Billy Williams - Drums

Additional Musicians:

Mike Radovsky - Drums

Duncan Mullins - Bass

Hemby Tom - Guitars

Phil Naish - Keyboards


Ruscha was a Christian rock band formed in the mid 80s, by two Siberian immigrant brothers Nikolai and Peter Pankratz who escaped Communist Russia, then testified to the plight of their fellow believers after safely reaching the USA, where they formed a band at Liberty University in VA.At first,

The band released three albums under the name "The Russians" (The Russians,I Want To Talk To You & Love Forever More)The band under went a name change for the fourth album called "Ruscha" Testimony in 1987.Their fifth & most popular album was "Ruscha" Come Alive which in 1988 rose to moderate success.The album included the song "Come Home", which went to #4 at Christian radio in the US in 1988.The original album (defunct Pan-Trax Records, Inc.In Dickson,Tennessee)has been long out of print,But a CD was re-issued in 1996 on an import label(Victor Entertainment Inc,in Tokyo, Japan).

This newer version doesn't have the printed lyrics the US version had, but does have all the same songs in English and cover art.Their sixth and final album was "Ruscha" Invisible Hands in 1992. This album was very rare due to the fact that it was entirely sung in Russian.Three of the members of Ruscha (Andy Denton, Mike Jacobs, & Billy Williams) went on to form Legend Seven in 1990 by Word Records. Andy Denton created the two solo albums Midnight Of Hope in 1999 by KMG Records (Nashville, TN), and 50 Years From Now. Andy Denton was also half of Identical Strangers (Damascus Road Records) with Randy Thomas(Allies & co-writer of Butterfly Kisses (song)Amazing stuff, and easily the best band ever to come out of Russia. Sparkling keyboards and clean, accent-free vocals that remind me of Europe's Joey Tempest at times, and the AOR side of Mastedon at others. Best tracks: "Holy and True", "The Word Stands Forever" and "Do You Care?" A must for fans of Mastedon, Idle Cure,Toto and Allies.

About Legen Seven.Legend Seven was a Christian hard rock band formed in the early 1990s (formerly with the name Legend) by three former members of Ruscha, another Christian band from the 1980s.The band made its debut in 1990 under the name "Archon" on a compilation disc released by Heaven's Metal magazine, with a self-produced version of "After The Fall." The song was re-released on the band's self-titled debut album, Legend, in 1991 on Word Records.

Shortly after, The Band was forced to change its name to Legend Seven upon learning that another band was already using the name Legend. They released Blind Faith in 1993.Both albums were produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Bubba Smith and garnered several hits on Christian radio.This album rocks! Legend Seven uses heart-gripping words and bangin' music to describe their faith and experiences.

If you love hard core rock and sincere lyrics this cd is especially for you. Blind faith is a jazzy-rock combination that boasts of having confidence where you don't have to see what you're looking for to believe it's there. This song is pretty wild combining swing-like jazz and loud rock to make music where straight up rockers, punkers, and jazz/r&b fans can get out of their seats and bust a move for their faith. Shoot straight Johnny is the story about a bad boy who once was wanted, has been converted, and mysteriously changed.

It's a loud, wild song encouraging the guy to keep up the faith. Saddle up, put on yer cowboy hat and git ready to ride... Be Still and First Love are the most beautiful songs on this cd. Be still is a reminder that God will speak and He will always be there for you no matter what happens. This song has awesome lyrics (it's kind of like those ZoeGirl and OOE songs that have mountains falling, and stars colliding, it's pretty intense). First Love moved me to tears. It's so sweet.

Deeppenetrating words and the singer's powerful voice describe how God tenderly touches the human heart and how faithful He is.The music is equally touching: the piano brings in a mix of class and raw emotion. After getting used to the crazy rock by tuning into the cool lyrics, I enjoy this album very much. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to hear some geniune oldschool christian rock.These American rockers Legend Seven can hardly be accused of breaking new ground - if Bon Jovi were to become Christians they would probably sound something like this - but what they do, they do well. 'Blind Faith', their second album, is catchy, competent, slick and sound like it was recorded in a studio with a New Jersey postcode.

The Van Halen-esque opening of "Refuge", "Call On Me"'s plaintive cello solo and some powerful horn charts on the title track rescue 'Blind Faith' from being just another bland, mid-Atlantic, White Heart rehash. I liked it, but then again I've always been a sucker for a loud guitar. Either the sleevenote compilers had their tongues firmly in their cheeks when they included the information that "Andy Denton uses Biolage hair products", or endorsement deals have scaled new heights of idiocy, even in CCM. I hope it was the Former. Play it loud.

LEGEND- About LEGEND Album-This came out in 92, I can't tell you who they all are cause I never really cared, but when I first heard it, I was hooked. It's just good old fashioned rock and roll. The hooks, the grooves, the vocals and the music. I could sing along to all the lyrics as if it were yesterday. I'm not gonna lie to you, but if you listen to it as if you listened to it long ago, you'd be saying "oh yeah, I know that one" it goes something like this. I'd check them out /

Their second album they changed their name to LEGEND SEVEN and released a good sophmore release, but get this, no matter how much you have to pay for it, cause it's a collectors, but shop around so that you don't get ripped off. Yep, the Word label, as opposed to the Word com­pany, are now issuing a highly contemporary product with dance chanteuse Cindy Black and this nicely rocking AOR team, which you could file alongside Petra and Halo if you are particularly inclined to pigeon-holing. "Don't Believe It" draws on grungy bluesy 70s outfits like Humble Pie and Bad Company for influences while the torrid guitar of Mike Jacobs on "Let This Place On Fire" and the Foreigner-influenced "Angela" complete with Hammond B-3 organ also catch the ears. A typical Texas-sounding band, but good for all that.

Let's Talk About IDENTICAL STRANGER-(New band from lead singer of Legend,And,Legend Seven,And Then guitar player from Allies.Sure, it's got Andy Denton, one of the best vocalists in all of Christian hard rock, but anyone expecting another killer dose of melodic metal like Legend will be bummed, because Identical Strangers is much lighter than Denton's previous band. That said, some of the tracks ("Juliana Wilson," For example) are enjoyable enough from an AOR standpoint. Bottom line, this CD is an okay listen, but a major letdown compared to Denton's earlier projects.Andy Denton also did a solo album very much in the style of John Elefante, if you can ever find it. I have it on cassette but have never seen it on cd.Anyway,Identical Strangers on Damascus Road Records. Randy Thomas (Allies) & Andy Denton (Former Member of Ruscha) Teamed up to deliver this CCM/AOR jewel back in the late 90's. If you listened to CCM radio during that time, give this disc a spin and you'll be surprised at how many hits this album netted the Duo.


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