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Joe English - Lights In The World / Held Accountable 1980 / 1982 / 1991


Lights In The World (1980)

01. To Love Is To Live

02. Shine On

03. Dyin'

04. Is There Not One Good Man

05. Midnight Angel Choir

06. Get Ready

07. Is The King Your Friend

08. The Lord Never Leaves

09. Praise Him

10. Keep In Touch


Held Accountable (1982):

11. Best Things

12. We Live When We Die

13. My Strength Is In The Lord

14. First Love

15. Voice Of Triumph

16. Wake Up

17. Learn To Celebrate

18. Where You Gonna Run

19. Thief In The Night

20. The Best Is Yet To Come


Benson Music's out of print 1991 CD re-issue of the first two solo albums by Joe English,/ the drummer for Paul McCartney's Wings from "Venus and Mars" through "London Town".

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