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Daniel Amos - The Revelation 1986 / 2000 / M8 Records


01. Finale: Bereshith Overture
02. Lady Goodbye
03. The Whistler
04. He's Gonna Do a Number on You
05. Better
06. Sail Me Away
07. Posse in the Sky
08. Soon!

Daniel Amos is not known for "serious" work, but The Revelation may come close. Released in 1986 The Revelation is nothing ground breaking but it is fun with songs like He's Gonna Do A Number On You and Posse In the Sky. The element of serious comes from Chuck Smith, whose reading of portions of Revelation, are scattered throughout. If you are a Daniel Amos fan, get it. Shaun groves spent a little time in the Beatitudes, so much so it birthed and album. This album is the result of his bible study with his college group ICON. Here is the song breakdown with verses:

What's Wrong With This World - Matthew 5:3 Sad Song - Matthew 5:4
Amen & White Flag - Matthew 5:5
Crave & Hummingbird - Matthew 5:6
Heaven Hang On - Matthew 5:7
Bless the Lord & Only - Matthew 5:8
My Enemy & Peace Has Broken Out - Matthew 5:9
Narrow - Matthew 5:10-12

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