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The Imperials - Let The Wind Blow 1985 / HTF / Made In Japan


01. In The Promised Land
02. Bread Of Life
03. Let The Wind Blow
04. Jericho
05. The Deeper Meaning
06. Sing For Joy
07. Today
08. Taking The Time
09. Miracles
10. Not To Us, O Lord

Armond Morales
Jim Murray
David Will
Paul Smith.

Out of print 1985 Gem from the Imperials featuring Paul Smith. / Dann Huff plays guitar , on all tracks of the album. / The Disc is Made in Japan./ Let the Wind Blow is a pretty standard mid-'80s effort for the all-male vocal quartet the Imperials. The band's lineup was always a rotating door, but in 1985 the group consisted of Armond Morales, Jim Murray, David Will, and Paul Smith. The music is forgettably mild (by now, all but forgotten) gospel-pop written by a hodgepodge of familiar Christian Contempary devotees like Michael W. Smith, Teri DeSario Purse, and Keith Thomas. The arrangements are loaded with the tinny, cheap-sounding keyboards that dominated pop in the '80s, although "Miracles" features an almost -- can this word really be applied to the Imperials? -- funky bass intro. If you happen to come across a dust-covered copy in your church basement, you might consider throwing this one on.

I think it's the best one the Imperial's ever put out & in my of the best Christian albums of all time! Evidently other people agree because it's extremely rare to find this album even online because if you have one, you're not gonna let go of it! The title song to the album, "Let The Wind Blow" got most of the credit but I love EVERY song on here! There is as a balanced blend of slow & upbeat songs. It was my favorite album 25 years ago, when I was a new Christian & it still ministers to me just the same today!

with a great number written by the very talented Chris Eaton: it is "In The Promised Land"; heard on ccm radio. Members of the group White Heart provided the 4 some with "Bread of Life"; great ccm styled song. CCM artist David Martin wrote the title song "Let the Wind Blow"; luv this song!! This is just the right song for this group of guys to sing, thanks David. CCM artist Kenny Marks recorded "Sing for Joy" the year prior; nice, upbeat recording! Side 2 of this album begins with their version of "Sing for Joy":

the music is so close to Kenny's recording:both recordings are worth complimenting! "Jericho" is another highly favorable song; written by Paul Smith, Mike Hudson & Michael W. Smith:Great song guys!! CCM Songstress Teri DeSario & her husband wrote 2 songs for the album "The Deeper Meaning' and "Today":I just luv "Today". Wow!! No wonder this album turned out top notch, with so many great songwriters that provided great songs!! Pam Mark Hall also had a hand in writing "Taking the Time"; this is another noteworthy song; great ccm style. I am glad I have this album in my huge ccm collection.

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