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John Fischer - Wide Angle 1992 / HTF


John Fischer - Wide Angle 1992

01. Wide Angle

02. Too Many Preachers

03. The Ony Way

04. It All Comes Down To This

05. A Witness

06. O Rocker

07. Beyond The Shadow Of A Doubt¸

08. Cup Of Cold Water

09. Where Did They Go?

10. By My Apirit

11. Down To The Water

12. Not The Only One

Out of print release by the Christian music pioneer, John Fischer./ Featuring Mark Heard, Dave Miner (of Alpha Band and Tonio K.), Buddy and Julie Miller, and the pianist/arranger extraordinaire, Tom Howard.

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John (Walter) Fischer (born 1947) is a Christian author, singer, songwriter, and speaker. He is one of the credited founders of Jesus music and was a Senior Writer with er_(Christian_musician)

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