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Various Artists - Classic Metal 1990 /HTF


01. Mastedon - Wasn't It Love

02. Rage of Angels - Don't Give Up

03. Guardian - Marching on

04. Soldier - Tears

05. Deliverance - Attack

06. Rage of Angels - Do You Still Believe in Love?

07. Arsenal - Stand Strong

08. Guardian - Spiritual Warfare

09. Believer - The Chosen

10. The Lead - Tunnel Vision

Wow! A compilation of compilation albums! Regency sure knew how to make a quick buck! Still, this CD contains so many unreleased gems, it becomes rather essential for collectors of Christian metal if you don't already own the compilation album from which these songs were originally on, that is). Most of these songs never saw a proper album release, thus it's cool to have them collected here.

Favorites include "Attack" by Deliverance, "The Chosen" by Believer and the Soldier tune. I cannot believe that these songs were never used on any of the bands full-length albums! Also gotta love the killer artwork by Jeff Spencer. / http://www.christianmusicarchive. com/artists


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