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Daniel Amos - Preachers From Outer Space 1978 / HTF


Daniel Amos - Preachers From Outer Space / 1994 Stunt Records CD D32578

01. Shotgun Angel

02. Abidin'

03. Happily Married Man

04. Salvation Wings

05. Hound Of Heaven

06. Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses

07. Horrendous Disc

08. Posse In the Sky

09. Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses

10. Mary Baker Eddy

11. I Love You #19

12. You Always Run Away From Love

13. As Long As I Live

14. I Get Around

Out of print Stunt Records CD release of the classic 1978 live recording of DA at the Anaheim Convention Center (with some bonus demo tracks added to boot.)


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