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Bob Hanson - Nuff Said 1990 / HTF


Bob Hanson - Nuff Said 1990

01. Cross At the Light

02. There Was a Time

03. You Need To Know

04. When It All Comes Down

05. Child On the Run

06. Seek and You Will Find

07. Open Arms of Love

08. Nuff Said

09. Signs of the Times

10. Great Love

11. Fire of Love

12. The Light He Shines

Bob Hanson Vocals, Guitars

Dane Deviller Guitars

Joani Bye Backing Vocals

Michael Root Drums

Miles Hill Bass

Tim McKenzie Guitars

THV (Tommy had a Vision) is one of the great 80's style bands out there. This is a strong album with great tunes.


As a young singer/songwriter Bob Hanson invested a lot of time playing Talent Shows, Collage Cafeterias, Summer Parties around the back yard fire pit with friends, and even a shot on "DeMaurier Search for the Stars". His interest in Producing and recording his music quickly grew into passion as he used every recording device he could get his hands on, from a simple cassette player to a Sound on Sound recording station

from Keyboards to Computers, and finally... the Studio. In the early 1980’s, Bob gained popularity in the Vancouver area with air-play on local Commercial, and Co-Op radio stations. During that time his song writing talents caught the attention of an Artist Rep at A&M “Canada”. Bob’s club dates were original and unique, and included a full blown fire-eating act performed by his drummer.

Bob soon found and fell in love with Gospel music and pursued it with purpose and zeal. He recorded "The Traveller" in 1987, then in 1990 recorded the critically successful album "'Nuff Said", and In 1991 the “West Coast Music Association” nominated Bob Hanson “Gospel Performer of the Year”.

As well as his musical pursuits, Hanson worked briefly on a couple of TV SI-FI shows including “Sliders”, and “Stargate SG1”. And, while doing some “extra” work in the movie world He gained a small part in the movie pilot “Toe Tags” (Atlantis Films).

Bob has now been involved in ministry for over twenty five years… For five of those years he was an editor on the “Jesus" film project (Inspirational Films/ Warner Bros.) editing, dubbing, and mixing world languages on over 120 films and audio CD’s.

As well as touring around North America, Bob has appeared on 100 Huntley Street, NOW TV's Online Show, and volunteered his talents to many fund raisers including “Big Brothers / Big Sisters “of Canada, World Vision (child sponsorship), Food for the Hungry (child sponsorship), Overseas Missions, and more…

He has had the privilege of working with, and/or sharing the stage with some veteran artists including The Lee Boys, Darrel Mansfield, Kim Hill, Charlie Peacock, Deniece Williams, Dave Perkins, Ken Lewis, Steve Camp, Morgan Cryar, Connie Scott, Rene Worst, Michael Hart, and even “Baseball Great” Gary Gaetti, to name a few...

Over the past three years Bob has shared his music on a monthly volunteer basis with a non-profit organization working with homeless and chemically dependent persons in Northern BC, and In 2011 received the "Shining Star" award for his volunteer efforts while working with the "Carefree Society" in Northwest British Columbia.

Recent concert performances have included Festivals such as Morfee Mountain Fest, Coldsnap, Black History Month, and a few Fundraisers. / Currently Bob is planning to release two new CD's in 2012. A re-make of "The Traveller" originally released in 1987 (summer), and a new studio album "Balancing Shadows" in time for Christmas.

From a store of varied experiences Bob delivers a fresh challenge to his audience containing the elements to bring forth a concert that is both entertaining, and impelling.


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