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Bob Carlisle - Bob Carlisle 1993 / HTF


01. Mind, Body, Heart And Soul

02. Getting Stronger

03. Use Me

04. Chance I Have To Take

05. We Are The People

06. Bridge Between Two Hearts

07. Every Step I Take (4:05)

08. Love Take Hold (3:24)

09. Giving You The Rest Of My Life

10. Goin' Home



American Christian singer Bob Carlisle was born in LA in 1956. After singing in the groups God News and Psalm 150 he went to Allies. Allies released six albums during mid 80s to early 90s, their most successful being 1989's Long Way From Paradise.

In 1992 the Allies split up and Carlisle struck out on his solo career. He found success with "Butterfly Kisses" from the Shades of Grace album (later renamed to reflect the success of the single). It was awarded the Best Country Song accolade at the Grammys and was also named Dove's Song of the Year.


Bob Carlisle (He began making music by appearing on many vocal sessions from the '70s, and Bob Carlisle finally found A Solo Career in 1993, singing gospel Pop/Rock With Subtle Soul Influences. He had appeared with several early Jesus Music acts -- including Allies -- and sang backup vocals on sessions by Bryan Duncan, Vince Ebo, Sandi Patti and Petra before signing with Sparrow Records in 1993.

his self-titled debut album appeared later that year. By 1996, Carlisle was recording for the Diadem label, and that year's Shades of Grace became a gospel hit, propelled by the single "Mighty Love." The following year,

Carlisle unexpectedly became a crossover success when the single "Butterfly Kisses" Became A Pop Hit. The album was repackaged and reissued in the spring of 1997 under the name Butterfly Kisses and it topped the pop charts; Stories from the Heart followed in 1998.

That same year, Carlisle also issued Butterfly Kissess & Bedtime Prayers; its Sequel Followed in early 1999. Nothing But the Truth was Released A Year Later. / One OF The Lesser-Lauded maestros of Christian rock is our Bob. As frontman of The Allies he turned in some hefty performances,

but this set shows he's one of the best. Power? Sure is. He can squeeze and shake a song as well as most - just hear him rattle the opening song "Mind, Body, "Heart & Soul". Sensitivity? Well, funny you should ask, I was just thinking How He Can Handle tender Lyrics with the sensitivity of a Stonehill; Carlisle doesn't disguise his own struggles, or the meanness life can dish out. The lyric of "Love Take Hold" for example,

though not his own song, is convincingly sung by someone who obviously knows how it feels to be just hanging on. Same applies to "Goin' Home", supplied by Erick Nelson (when's he recording again?) Not quite so taken with the more rhythmic style of "Bridge Between Two Hearts", but that's the only weaker track in this classy set. "Getting Stronger", written by Carlisle and Charlie Peacock, is another very thoughtful, honest song. Good Rock, Rich Ballads, all served up by that powerhouse voice. Go for it. · Updated about 8 months ago.

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