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Flock 14 - Brave New World 1987 / HTF


Flock 14 - Brave New World 1987

01. Your Eyes

02. Upside Down

03. Come Away

04. Big Boys

05. Panic

06. 10,000 Years

07. Watch Her

08. Disposable People

09. Anxious

CREDITS:For The four members of the band

Tim Mc Allister- On Vocals, Guitar,Keyboards

Dennis Childers- Keyboards

Jerry Michaels - Keyboards

Bryan Dehart - On Drums

Flock 14 is a techno-pop band from the Portland, Oregon aea. Some of their music is danceable New Music and some is moody synthesizer oriented, The four members of the band are : Tim Mc Allister on vocals, guitar, keyboards ; Dennis Childers- keyboards ; Jerry Michaels – keyboards; and Bryan Dehart on drums. The band has opened for Daniel Amos, Rez and Undercover. They play the same dance clubs where Quarterflash and Nu Shooz play, Their sound has been categorized as "an avant-garde twist combined with elements of The Fixx or Devo."

Excellent Christian new wave band sounding like Tears for Fears and possibly even surpassing them. Lush sound compared to other CCM new wave performers like Steve Taylor, and each of the songs on the album are gems. 10,000 years especially. Unfortunately the band was obscure even when originally released, a true hidden treasure;

The Band has opened for Daniel Amos, Rez and Undercover.They play the same dance clubs where (Quarterflash)and (Nu Shooz) play.Their sound has been categorized as "an avant-garde twist combined with elements of (The Fixx) or (Devo )And(Roxy Music)Great band! Only released one album, “Brave New World?” (1987)

On Caesar Kalinowski’s Graceland (later Wonderland) Record label, before changing their name to (World Theatre) and releasing one self-titled album on Frontline Records in 1989. I believe that they morphed into (Human Condition) after that. Both of these albums were released on CD, But the “Brave New World?” CD is very rare.

Tim McAllister first appeared in the eighties as the songwriter, singer and guitarist of Flock 14 and World Theatre.Flock 14's frantic stage shows gained them a large following in their hometown, leading to three record offers. They signed with Blue Collar (Undercover, Adam Again) but the record company folded before releasing the album.

Tim met executives from Graceland records while playing at the Cornerstone festival in Chicago, and the Brave New World? record was released with success as Flock 14 scored a Top 10 hit on the CCM rock charts with Your Eyes from the album.Tim started a new project dubbed World Theatre. It was a bigger sound, moody and introspective.

He invited his friend Linford Detweiler of Over the Rhine to work on the album which included appearances by Gary Egger (Human Condition), Jimmy Abegg (Vector, Charlie Peacock) and was mixed by Gene Eugene (Adam Again).Around this time, Tim's sister was killed by a great white shark, and a friend died from AIDs, prompting him to take time from the public limelight. While not performing live, he continued to record for himself and others. Most notably,

Tim recorded and co-produced the first two Over the Rhine records,I have loved McAllister's work for many years. He is quite versatile in the kinds of moods his music can create. Sometimes, I use his music to set a somber, melancholy mood. I use his music to set a romantic mood. I even use it to set a happy but chilled out mood.

It certainly isn't high energy music, but it always cheers me up. Lyrically, he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is emotional yet poignant. Musically,his influences can be seen but never copied. It is clear the man enjoys music and makes it for others who do likewise.

This is A Previous Comment for The Oncoming For The Demo , There seems to be never ending (and greatly appreciated) interest in Flock 14, World Theatre, Echo Theatre and New History. I will be posting select goodies (When I can find them in My Basement) for those on the email list from time to time. Sign up below and you'll get free access to this stuff as it becomes available.

UPDATE: I found a Cassette tape (probably the last remaining) of the New History demo tape we recorded in 1986. Best I can describe it is Duran Duran meets U2. I got a decent transfer off the tape and posted MP3s in the store. I'll post some details about this recording in my blog soon.

A Short Testimony of His Music,From Tim McAllister first:

I Create Music and words to work through my own struggles of straddling heaven and earth. I am both confused and certain. I am both melancholic and mad. These dichotomies define who I am. They also define my music. Despite, or perhaps because of this, I know many of you find a strange type of hope in the music. The phone calls,

emails, and the shoe boxes of letters I've received over the years are testimony. Perhaps you and I can share this together.On Strong Tower I am joined by Sandin Wilson (Quarterflash, NuShooz) On Bass and Bob Sable on drums. Linford Detweiler (Over the Rhine) plays piano on Twenty.Reviews have likened my music and/or voice to the following: Tears for Fears, Simple Minds, Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Seal, Joy Division,

Psychedelic Furs, Richard Butler and David Bowie. I appreciate these references, but decide for yourself by clicking that "play all songs" button over there on the left.I also fronted World Theatre and Flock 14, and worked with Beki Hemingway, Yum Yum Children and Over the Rhine. So similarities exist there as well.Tim McAllister first appeared in the eighties as the songwriter, Singer And Guitarist of (Flock 14) and (World Theatre) ·


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