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World Theatre - World Theatre 1989 / HTF


01. If I Stumble

02. This Talk

03. Gently Down (last Thursday)

04. Water Spill

05. Dream It's Safe

06. Monday

07. 10 Tears

08. Takes So Long

09. Pain Desire Fait

Excellent Christian new wave band sounding like Tears for Fears and possibly even surpassing them. Lush sound compared to other CCM new wave performers like Steve Taylor, and each of the songs on the album are gems./ 10,000 years especially. Unfortunately the band was obscure even when originally released, a true hidden treasure;

The band has opened for Daniel Amos, Rez and Undercover.They play the same dance clubs where (Quarterflash)and (Nu Shooz) play.Their sound has been categorized as "an avant-garde twist combined with elements of (The Fixx) or (Devo )And(Roxy Music)

 This Great Band! Only released one album, “Brave New World?” (1987) On Caesar Kalinowski’s Graceland (later Wonderland) Record label, before changing their name to (World Theatre) and releasing one self-titled album on Frontline Records in 1989. I believe that they morphed into (Human Condition) after that.

Both of these albums were released on CD, But the “Brave New World?” CD is very rare. Tim McAllister first appeared in the eighties as the songwriter, singer and guitarist of Flock 14 and World Theatre.Flock 14's frantic stage shows gained them a large following in their hometown, leading to three record offers.

They signed with Blue Collar (Undercover, Adam Again) but the record company folded before releasing the album. Tim met executives from Graceland records while playing at the Cornerstone festival in Chicago, and the Brave New World? record was released with success as Flock 14 scored a Top 10 hit on the CCM rock charts with Your Eyes from the album.


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