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Chozen - Can You See Him Now 2003 / HTF


01. What You See

02. Strength To Win

03. Warriors

04. Upside Down Kingdom

05. Transparent Man

06. Can You See Him Now

07. Do You Wanna Go

08. Supernatural God

09. Sweet Forgiveness

10. Will You Be Ready

Forming in Maryville, Ten


Dan Roark – Lead Vocals

Mike Myers – Guitars

Andy Rogers – Bass

David Sparks - Drums

Forming in Maryville, Tennessee during 1999, Chozen plays straightforward hard rock mixed with elements of classic rock and blues based hard rock on its 2003 independently released debut Can You See Him Now?  

If you happen to be a fan of Guardian, Shout, Resurrection Band and Daniel Band, then I cannot help think you will find the music of Chozen to be of interest. Lead vocalist Dan Roark brings out the best in the bands sound with his strong melodic flavored voice.  

The performance of guitarist Mike Myers is hit and miss in that his lead guitar work often can come across in a manner that is restrained if not uninspired. On the other hand, when allowed to cut loose on tracks such as "Warriors" and "Sweet Forgiveness" he proves a very fine musician. Bassist Andy Rogers and drummer David Sparks round out the rhythm section.

While Can You See Him Now? would benefit from a bit of big budget polish, its production values are quite solid with crisp but slightly raw sounding sonics. The rhythm Guitar can come across on the thin side in places. The drums would improve with a cleaner mix. The lead guitar evenly rises above the instrumentation.

Getting underway to an aggressive guitar riff that brings to mind Resurrection Band, "What You See" proceeds at an upbeat tempo until it crests for a chorus with a catchy refuse to go away hook. Only an instrumental passage carried by a restrained guitar solo fails to meet expectations. "What You See" reinforces the fact that life extends beyond the grave:


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