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Big Fat Jam - Welcome To The Wonderland 2002 / HTF


01. Liquid Love

02. More

03. Don't Worry Your Soul

04. Searchin

05. It Was You

06. Stir Me Up

07. Take My Hand

08. Livin Set Free

09. Close To The Ground

10. Come To Poppa

11. Reflection In The Water

12. I need Me

Band Members:

Lance Dalbey - Vocals

David Yankowiak - Lead Guitar

Keith Anderson - Drums

Matt Schreiner - Bass

"Groove-rock: blues-based rock that's heavy on the riffs." That's how lead singer Lance Dalbey describes the unique sound of Big Fat Jam. Along with guitarist Dave Yankowiak, bassist Matt Schreiner, and drummer Keith Anderson, BFJ carries a strong classic rock influence with a modern edge. Yankowiak further describes their style as "good, solid, in-your-face rock-n-roll," and cites such musical influences as Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes, Cream, and Jimi Hendrix.

One couple had this to say about the band: "Big Fat Jam has the unique ability to make their music an extension of the way they live their lives. The members of the band do not just perform, but share their faith and commitment to Christ with their audience before and after shows. They are awesome role models for young and old alike. We have seen BFJ touch the life of our son and his friends as the band combines their love of the Lord and their compassion for people into music that rocks your soul."


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