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Human Condition - Human Condition 1991 / HTF


The Human Condition - Human Condition 1991

01•  Triangle

02•  See Your Face Tonight

03•  Be Assured My Love

04•  Here The Morning After

05•  Faith Somehow

06•  Rio

07•  Life And Love

08•  True Forgiveness

09•  We All

10•  Life After All

11•  Broken Dreams [Bonus Track]

12•  Searching For The Perfect Love [Bonus Track]

•Greg Egger - Lead Vocals, Guitrs, keyboards

•Scott Snyder - Tambourine, Zils

•John Faris - Soprano Sax

•Bill Bullock - Instrument Programming, Bass

•Terri Skolnik Egger - Backing Vocals

Band Members:

Gary Egger Keyboards, Guitars, Vocals

Scott Snyder Drums, Percussion

Step into Gary Egger's world with his project Human Condition. This the second and last release from a passionate musician who doesn't hold back when it comes to dealing with the hard stuff. If you aren't familiar with Human Condition, it's not a surprise given the light distribution, but sit down and get ready...The Cure, Morrissey, Joy Division, Bowie, Blancmange, Roxy Music, The Sound, The Chameleons, The Church, Tears for Fears...need I say more?

Ok, I'll go on. After the first self-titled release, using a(nice sounding) drum machine, Egger steps it up with a real backing band. The style is mostly bass or guitar riff driven with rock and dark melodies driving the ambiance. Occasional keyboards bring the tracks life and add what is needed,

but not required, to give this band the New Wave, Dark Wave, Neo-psychedelia title it deserves. Egger's vocal style is at home next to such vocalists as Steve Kilbey from The Church, Bowie, and Peter Murphy.

Although the songwriting leans toward an underground pop(if there is such a thing), it is catchy, moody, and always welcoming. Egger tends to vulnerably share his innermost life struggles and pains, reminding us we are all human, letting us 'feel' with him the doubts and fears of existence. When I go to get my HC fix,

I usually have a hard time choosing between the two albums; both are equally compelling, and both are founded on good song writing and lyrical treasures that get you through the day. If you like the music of the bands above, you'll find these albums belong perfectly in your collection.


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