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Blood-N-Fire - Get Ready For The War 1995 / HTF


Blood-N-Fire - Get Ready For The War 1995

01. Knock

02. Graveyard

03. Narrow Road

04. Make Up Your Mind

05. Get Ready for the War

Bonus Tracks

06. Blood

07. More Than A Man(Cover To Stryper)

08. Surrender(Cover To Stryper)

Mathew Gauthier - Lead Vocals Upper Room

Bill Rankin - Bass

Kevin Reynolds - Drums Background Vocals

Then after the separation of Blood-N-Fire, Mat Gauthier When to meet other guys to form another Band , (Upper Room) or some other group probably not related to Blood n Fire or Upper Room,

The Line Up For Upper Room Band was,

Mat Gauthier - Vocals and Guitar,

Jeff Black - Guitar , & Harmony Vocals,

Bill Rankin - Bass

Tim Tanner - Drums

Kingdom Records...produced by Dino Maddelone for Dino M III Studios, Torrence, CA.

I love this album. solid all the way through and very godly lyrics; unashamed of their love for Jesus. it reminds me of 80's rock with 90's production, a dying breed to say the least. If you miss the days of good Jesus heavy metal, this cd will satisfy you very much.

Throughout the years there have been bands and artists that have defined who we are, and in the Christian faith, there are those bands that have reflected our desired passion to serve Christ in a greater light. You pop in the CD and it takes you into a militant realm and into a place of communion with Christ. With the way our industry is structured today,

however, there are many bands who never get heard, and deserve that final stand to proclaim the message that has changed hearts and minds towards Christ. One of those very bands R.I.P. 2000 was the Canadian-American Trio BLOOD-N-FIRE, consisting of Canadian members MAT GAUTHIER (lead vox / guitars), BILL RANKIN (bass), and KEVIN REYNOLDS (drums / bgv) hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Blood-N-Fire were as good as their live shows. Tight musicianship, excellent songwriting, and killer vocals. We really thought that these guys would make a dent in the Christian market. Their sound was unique, yet recalls the great bands of the past like Bride (Snakes-era) and Guardian (Fire & Love-era) and even a bit of the groove of Disciple and King's X. This a very rare and hard to find CD.

The Line Up For "Upper Room Band" was,

Mat Gauthier - Vocals and Guitar,

Jeff Black - Guitar , & Harmony Vocals, ( X-Nazarene Sect Band )

Bill Rankin - Bass

Tim Tanner - Drums

 Upper Room - Upper Room 2000

01. Lay It Down

02. Blood And Fire

03. Spotlight

04. Temple Of The Lord

05. Train Ride

06. Without Your Love (Remix)

07. Demons On The Loose

08. Mysterious

09. Never Never Land

10. Sacrifice

11. Tell Me Why

12. Thou Shalt Not Kill

13. Without Your Love

14. Lay It Down

15. Untitled 1

16. Untitled 2

17. Untitled 3

after or before Jeff Black was part of ( Nazarene Sect Band ) who also released / a demo tape with 5 tracks. /

Nazarene Sect Band - Nazarene Sect Band 19..

01. A View Of A Kill (Oh Father) (Ozone Mix)

02. Brand New Start (Ozone Mix)

03. Den Of Thieves (Blaster Recording)(Ozone Mix)

04. For You (Ozone Mix)

05. Start With You, End With You (Ozone Mix)

Jeff Black shared to me his music and here is a short History of what happened with..

Blood-n-Fire Band

Upper Room Band

Nazarene Sect Band


Thats Great Jeff Black .....thanks for the update and line up..

I would appreciate it too the mp3 from the Upper Room..


-Hey jeff somebody has just shared to me and let me know the Upper Room it was blood n fire..but thanks for the Explanations about it.


Can you tell me more about the Upper Room and what happened.. Did you Happen to Sign Up At Any records company there? for me Both Blood-N-Fire & Upper Room Band, were so awesome bands with a Great oncoming to Bride Voice "the Upper Room"

Jeff Black

Let's see, where to start......

About in 1991 I moved from Wallaceburg Ontario (where I'd grown up) to Sarnia Ontario to play in a band with drummer Tim Tanner. I was roommates with Bill Rankin who at the time played in a local Christian rock band called Armour. Tim and I had a group called Revelation with which we played a few shows. In the meantime,


Bill quit Armour and joined us. We were a trio but wanted a better lead singer than me, as well as possibly another guitar player. We met lead singer Jason Dahlke who was singing for a Christian band from Toronto Ontario called Insane. He and Bill talked about him moving to Sarnia to sing with us. Jason had recently met Mat Gauthier and was thinking about putting a band together with him. Anyway,

they both ended up moving to Sarnia to join us. The group with the five of us was called Nazarene Sect. We played a few shows and recorded some demos. After that band split, Tim and I started writing more songs and we were joined again by Bill and the Mat. This time Mat was on lead vocals.

In Nazarene Sect Jason sang lead and Mat and I sang harmony. The new four piece band became Upper Room. We wrote and recorded quite a bunch of songs and played a bunch of shows. After this band broke up, Tim and I had a band called Ugly As Sin and Mat and Bill formed Blood N Fire with Kevin Reynolds. That's the history in a nutshell. I'll send you the mp3s in a bunch of other emails. I keep them in my Hotmail account so I can send them out easy. Peace!

Thanks for getting back to me. I get together with Bill Rankin occasionally for chicken wings and we're talking about doing an Upper Room reunion show. Anyway, take care! If you have any more questions, feel free to email me.

for more info about/ here is the Email of Jeff Blacl x-upper room band / [email protected]

any companied records will love To Re-Record and Remaster this Treasure Demos there..hope Retroactive do it..


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