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Scott Bradley - In The Beginning 1995 / HTF


01. The One
02. Take His Hand
03. Blind Truth
04. Beautiful Day
05. Sanctuary
06. God Is Alive
07. Long Goodbyes
08. Will You Love Me
09. Love From Above
10. Beautiful Day - Dance Mix
11. Give Your Life
12. God Is Alive - Edit Mix

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Scott Bradley
Shaun Tique

Scott Bradley is a Christian guitarist who actually makes no bones about being Christian, boldly proclaiming his faith rather than watering it down or masking it behind vague, murky lyrics. Musically, this isn't bad stuff, though releasing a slick, polished glam-rock album in 1995 during the height of grunge's popularity probably wasn't the wisest decision for career longevity. The biggest surprise on this release is the presence of Dale Thompson (Bride) handing vocal duties on the song "Sanctuary," which turns out to be the best--and heaviest--track on the CD. It's unfortunate that Bradley's career fizzled out before it ever really began, but fans of early Poison, Electrik, Freefall, etc. can at least be happy that he left behind one album.

CCM musician...pretty enjoyable album...Hard Rock and AOR is what we find in here but basically AOR..."The One" catchy song,"Take His Hand" excellent,"Sanctuary" rocks good,"God Is Alive" beautiful song with an emotive message,"Long Goodbyes" my fave and probably the best track of the album,"Beautiful Day" in its dance mix turns out to be a very good Pop/ Hi-Tech AOR bonus,"God Is Alive" a good edit version...nice message as i wrote some lines.

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