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Various Artists - 2000 The Second Coming: A Christian Metal Compilation 1999


01. Spiritual Matrix - Sculpture

02. When No One Cares - Oil

03. Never - Ultimatum

04. No Where to Run - Tyrant

05. She Kissed Jesus - Solace

06. Cain - Midnight Orchestra

07. Healing to My Soul - Sons of Thunder

08. House of Cards - 3rd Day Rising

09. Gateway to Heaven - Lost Angel

10. Today Is a Good Day to Die - Modus Operandi

11. Rise Above - Faithbomb

12. Martyrdom - Devout

Underground Christian Death/Thrash/Doom Metal / One of the coolest Christian metal pieces.Devout cause a bit of a stir with their first demo because of the upside down cross on the front cover. However, rather than depicting something Anti-Christian, it was meant as a symbol of martydom. Devout also have a song on the 2000-A Christian Metal Compilation on Dwell Records.


Devout - Dissention 2006


01. The Dead Can Live / Dissention

02. The Brides Sweet Eternity

03. Fantasy Of Sickness

04. Another Provision

05. Tears Of Affection

06. A New Breed

07. Prophets In The Mourning


Devout - Martyrdom 1996


01. Martyrdom

02. From The Crypt

03. Judgement Distorted

04. Scolded In Evil


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