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Moshketeers - Downward Spiral 1992 / Cassette


01. Sin

02. The Downward Spiral

03. Locked In Chains

04. Ye

05. The Myth

06. Self Extinction

07. Epicurus

08. Posers of Deceit

09. Grease The Duck

10. Nightmares

11. The Life Of Emptiness

The Roxx Records reissue of 'The Downward Spiral' comes with several bonus tracks. 4 of them are picked from a demo the band recorded in 1996, and released in 1997 as a pre-release cassette for their second album. The sophomore album was never finished, so this is also the first time these songs see a CD release. Here the band sounds a bit more introvert, probably influenced by the neo-thrash metal that was so popular at the time.

The last song on the CD is picked from the bands self titled first demo, recorded in 1989. All the songs from the demo ended up of 'The Downward Spiral', but "Ye!" was the only one re-recorded for the album. So here we get the original demo version as well. All of the songs have been remastered for this reissue.


As yet another bonus to those who pre-ordered this disc, Roxx added a second CD with Rapture's 'Vacation From Hell' demo from 1989. I'm not sure that these songs were remastered, as this demo sounds more raw. Musically it's a less refined band playing, yet the focus is on playing speed metal with thrash leanings. Only "Locked In Chains" followed the band after the name change. "Murder For A Profit" features lyrics written by Barren Cross frontman, Mike Lee.


The reissue of 'The Downward Spiral' is one of the better additions to my Christian metal collection in a long time. I also own an original cassette release of the album, but having it remastered on CD is of course 100 times better. My only grief with the reissue is the atrocious cover art! .

The cartoon-ish looking CGI image is just not cutting it for me, and I'd much rather seen the original artwork used for the reissue as well. I've posted both images above. But other than that, this is a must-have for all thrash meal fanatics!


Killer tracks: / Sin / The Downward Spiral /  Locked In Chains / The Myth / Grease The Duck / The Life Of Emptiness.


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