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Jeff Scheetz - Behind The Mask 2008 / HTF



01. Welcome Home

02. Behind The Mask

03. Spiny Norman

04. Killin' Time

05. Like You Are Alive

06. Be My Friend

07. Letter To Myself

08. I'm Just Me

09. Crazy Horse

10. Trippin'

11. B. Marie

12. Hallelujah

13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me

14. The World


this is one of the best Christian blues based rock CDs. When I say 'Quality', I'm referring to the combination of great music, good vocals and great production. This may not seem like much, but to any one who has searched, they know if you're looking for blues based classic rock, quality is very hard to find. Quality Christian metal can easily be found. High end Christian prog is everywhere. Great Christian classic rock is rare (short of Glenn Kaiser). There are many new artists that try to copy the classic rock style. Some may be OK, but many sound more like imitators. Like they're trying too hard to be something they're not. And they all share poor production values. This CD is amazing! Take Grand Funk Railroad and add the guitar sound of Stevie Ray Vaughn, but it doesn't sound forced or trying to be something he's not. Highly recommended!!


Jeff Scheetz is not your average shredder. You only have to look at his back catalogue of eight albums and numerous instructional guides to realise that the guitar is in his life-blood. He has performed over 300 clinics worldwide for Yamaha guitars, and appeared as a product specialist at numerous NAMM shows and the LA guitar show.


Joining Jeff from his 2003 album, Beggars, Rogues & Thieves, are Matt Waddill (bass & vocals) and Kent Burnham (drums). Also long-time friend, Jim Riley of Rascal Flatts plays drums on `Spiny Norman', `Like You Are Alive' and `Letter To Myself'. The main style is free-flowing hard rock with smoking blues riffs. For those of us who have fond memories of the seventies and don't want to hear over-produced tracks, then this will be like a breath of fresh air.


The production is sparse and clean-sounding. This means that the guitar speaks for itself; its not hidden behind anything. This is hardly surprising seeing as five of Jeff's albums are instrumentals. And it's good to hear that the influences of Glenn Kaiser and Stevie Ray Vaughan have not been consigned to the archives.


There are scratchy licks on `Welcome Home', followed by strong riffs overlaying a relaxed background rhythm in `Behind The Mask'. One of my favourites is `Killin' Time' where the tortured electric blues compliments the lyrics "Well the seeds I've sown are ripe now/ And the reaper's drawing near/ I have walked through the valley/ There's no evil left to fear, left to fear/ Will the promise of tomorrow erase the pain of yesterday/ Will the wind that brought me here, carry me away/ Is everything I do just cast upon the tide/ If that's the case them I'm/ I'm just killin' time".


The album also allows room for your emotional side with an acoustic ballad `I'm Just Me' which talks about a man who doesn't seem to fit in, finally coming to terms with who he is. They also give a moving rendition of the Elton John song, `Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'.


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