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Gideon's Army - Warriors Of Love 1985/ 2011 / HTF / Collectable Disc


1. Moment by moment

2. Its your love

3. Warriors of love

4. No fun

5. I know someone

6. Runaway

7. I know you could see

8. Video

9. Backsliding brother

10. Face to face

Jerry Anderson - Drums,vocals

Dave Angeles - Guitar

Mark Greves - Bass,

vocals Doug Naruo - Keyboards, vocals

Aditional Musicians

Ron Davis - Guitar and Vocals

Joseph Linn - Percussion

Overlooked San Francisco Bay Area band debuted in 1982 with an album that sounds like a cross between Sweet Comfort Band, Petra, and the mainstream group Chicago. Their debut has many strong tracks that prove the band's expert musicianship.

Their second album, however, dropped the horns and as a result sounds closer to the early Petra sound and is not as distinctive I gotta say that this band has been the most wonderful aunderground band that I ever found,this band has really blessed my life with their lirycs,its one the best metal bands ever Known On The Christian World,I Even Love More This Band Than Stryper;

Shout,And OThers Just To Mention A few Of Them,Is One Of My Ten Top Band,They Knew Have To mixe keybords and guitars,its my second best metal band playing on my home,on my way to work,on my days of darkness,on my days of weakness,what a blessing has been this band, besides, the professionalism that they have left,Their debut has many strong tracks that prove the band's expert musicianship.

Their second album,'Warriors Of Love'. Well worth the effort to track down if you are a fan of uptempo melodic rock with keyboards and great harmony vocals. At times, they remind me of others great Christian bands.

As This List Here, (D.O.X) (RUSCHA )and (LOST & FOUND)'Welcome To The Real World'!!The band was started around 1973 primarily as a prison ministry and quickly grew into a concert ministry. With 3 studio recorded efforts; Rock and Roll for Your Soul, Warriors of Love and lastly Grace, the band stayed together for about 16 years or so with various personal changes.

The band was in the vanguard when 'Jesus Music' was morphing from soft laid back accoustic praise music to aggresive electric evangelical music. A MUST for everybody who's digging news CHRISTIAN METAL BAND,,I hope one day those records will be transfered on cds,

hoping RETROACTIVE makes that for this band,it could be a reward for them, sometime we talk about STRYPER as the cornerstone metal band ever on the christian Comunity BUT I WOULD LIKE TO place this band As david the young phaster that nobody wouldn't see him,

But he was only in the GOD'S View,so this band has been just like that all this time,but its time that GOD start To show his glory Through This band,he has Already started with me! Through This band, due that a few months ago I purchased it and the more I listen to this band the more I am blessed by GOD.


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