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Dreamer - Full Metal Racket 1991 / HTF


01. Full Metal Racket

02. Cryin'

03. Don't Stop Now

04. Someone Cares For You

05. She's My Angel

06. Heartache

07. Never Alone

08. Shake The Dust

09. Love From Above

10. Take It Away

11. Thank You Lord


Line up

Dan McCabe ? Vocals (Daniel Band)

Daniel McAffee ? Lead Guitar

Neil Charter ? Rhythm Guitar

Bill Davidson ? Bass (Daniel Band)

Troy Cole ? Drums

Picking up where the Daniel Band left off, singer Dan McCabe launched a new Christian hard rock project called Dreamer in 1991. The band's debut (and only) album, Full Metal Racket, is a nice blend of Dokken and House of Lords. It's not quite metal, but had that metallic edge most hard rock bands from that era incorporated.

Full Metal Racket is a pretty solid album. The vocals are, as expected, quite excellent, as is the music. The songwriting is solid as well. You can tell it's a Christian album, but thankfully the band isn't too heavy-handed with their faith.

The religious content is on par with the average Stryper album, which is to say that most tracks could just as easily have been recorded by White Lion or the Scorpions and been viewed as typical love songs. Some of Dreamer's more evangelical peers (Petra and Whitecross come to mind) are so blunt with their religion that it tends to scare off those of us who are just looking for a good rock album.


My only gripe about the album is that it seems really low-budget. The sound quality is pretty poor, even for 1991, and the disc inserts are about as basic as it gets. Still, those are fairly minor complaints about what is otherwise a nice addition to my hard rock collection.

Melodic Heavy Metal / Hard Rock/Dreamer was the second project organized by one of Christian music's metal pioneers, Dan McCabe, who fronted Daniel Band in the mid 80s. Released on short-lived indie label Image Records in 1991, Dreamer's only album appealed to Daniel Band fans, with a sprinkling of Dokken and Scorpions influence. McCabe's gritty vocals here sound just like his work on the latter Daniel Band albums.

Dreamer Band Was a "super-group" that only released one album before parting ways.Dan and Bill are members of the popular christian hard rock group Daniel Band; which plays music along the likes of Petra, Stryper,And Jerusalem (Swe).And As Usually Christian bands underratted From Canada.

This Band Is Level it As A Melodic Heavy Metal/Hard Rock,As For Me One of the most solid Canadian hard rock releases As Siloam, killer melodic vocalist, awesome guitars, and a VERY consistent tracklist, featuring 11 rockin' tracks in the style of early Skid Row, Dirty Rhythm, with hints of early Lillian Axe, the riffs of late 80s Dokken, and the melody of early Guardian as well.You will NOT go wrong with this Glam Metal Hair CD.

If you loved Daniel Band,Then you'll love this too As Tell This is A Great CD !!!! I had stayed away before because of "expert" reviewers didn't like it. I got it and I am sorry that I didn't get it sooner. One of my favorite cd's. IMO they have a sound on some songs that remind of Messiah Prophet. I love it !!! 9/10


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