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Red Sea - Blood 1994 / Collactable Disc / HTF


01. Soulshaker 4:50

02. Blood 4:52

03. Wolves at the Door 7:19

04. Dust to Dust 5:32

05. Last Days of Winter 4:36

06. Walk on Fire 3:57

07. Shades of Purple 5:18

08. Hellbound Train 5:29

09. Losin' My Way 5:50

10. Down Home Static 1:04

11. Tears of Joy 4:44

Robyn Kyle Basauri - Lead Vocals, Percussion

Chris Howell - Guitars, Dobro

Greg Chaisson - Bass

Jeff Martin - Drums

P.K. Mitchell - Producer

This is pretty much an unknown release and is currently out of print.


KILLER!!! One of the best discs ever, secular or christian. Everything about this is top notch. Bassist Greg Chaisson(formerly of Badlands) also played with with Die Happy, which is awesome. Great lyricaly. Great message for Jesus Christ. Recomend for any true fan of that ole......oooooooooooooohhh rock-n-roll.

This CD consist of very well done heavy, blues, rock music. Red Sea's sound is closest to Badlands, but heavier, along with some Kingdom Come mixed in for good measure. Robyn Kyle Basauri is a killer Lead Vocalist, and I'd love to know if he's still involved in music.

It's a shame that he's not went on to have the success of Rob Rock and Michael Sweet, because he was capable!.Greg Chaisson is featured here. It's true the musical style of this CD is mostly hard driven blues based rock. The guitar work is very very good IMHO and as always Mr. Chaisson wails unfalteringly on Bass. Don't look for Ray Gillen quality vocals or lyrics here though. Red Sea.(

Robin Kyle formed the hard blues-rock band Red Sea after the demise of Die Happy, where he sang under the name Robyn Basauri. Chris Howell was formerly lead guitarist for Fear Not, and Greg Chaisson of Die Happy and Badlands played bass on their only album, released in 1994 on Rugged Records. It's 70s based rock with a 90s edge, in the vein of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Bad Company. HM Magazine called it 'a searing, serious outbreak of pure rock 'n roll power.'


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