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X-Sinner - Get It 1989 / HTF


01. Medicine

02. Steppin' On Toes

03. Hearts On Fire

04. No Way In

05. Bet It

06. Accountable

07. Walking Evil

08. Lift Him Up

09. Kick 'Em Out

10. Livin' 0n The Edge


David Robbins - Lead Vocals

Greg Bishop - Guitar

Rob Kniep - Bass

Michael Buckner - Drums

John Elefante - Backing Vocals, Keyboards

Dino Elefante - Backing Vocals


Greg Bishop - Songwriter, Guitars

Michael Buckner - Drums

John Elefante - Producer, Keyboards

John Elefante - Background Vocals

Dino Elefante - Producer, Engineer

Dino Elefante - Background Vocals

Rob Kniep - Bass

Mike Mierau - Engineer, Mixed

David Raven - Drums

David Robbins - Songwriter, Vocals 

backing vocals, so if you only like a raw metal sound, this one isn't for you. / Lyrically, the album presents the Christian message largely through allusion. It's definitely there to be heard, but not aggressively so.

The one glaring aspect that has to be mentioned is that for 9 of the 10 tracks on this album X-Sinner sounds uncannily like AC/DC, while on the other, "Living on the Edge", just for a change, they sound a lot like Def Leppard. You may regard this as a positive or a negative, but you've been warned. An original sound is not X-Sinner's strong suit.

After over two decades I still really enjoy cranking this music up when I dig it out. And after all these years I'm still somewhat bemused by the random lyric "me and my lady we see eye to eye, we're both Five Nine" in "Hearts On Fire".

This CD rocks! I'd put it up against Back In Black anyday! Origonal and it just plain rocks! Great guitar riffs, great vocals so Step On Some Toes and have a Godly rockin' time!!!!!!!!


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