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Death List - Severed 1998


01. Time of Death

02. Will it End

03. Stricken

04. Black and White

05. Exhumed

06. Antipas

07. Before You Die

08. Scalped

09. Severed

10. The Lie / Falling Down


Formerly known as Obliteration, this heavily downtuned disc is technically and musically excellent. We must say, however, that their four song demo has a heavier and rawer sound that we like a bit more. Musically comparable to Carcass "Heartwork" or even Sepultura's "Chaos AD," we dare say this is one of the best independent death metal bands we have ever heard. Mix equal parts of Fear Factory, Sepultura, and Napalm Death, and you you get Death List. We've heard that this band broke up, then reformed, then broke up again, so who knows... This


CD is extremely rare and hard to find.


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