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Mike Johnson - The Artist/The Riddle 2012 / HTF



01. The Artist

02. I Met A Man

03. The Riddle

04. Cool Living Water

05. Lord Doctor

06. Little Boy

07. The Witness

08. The Sound Of His Returning

09. The Wedding

10. We Want You To Return

This digitally remastered classic is available on CD for the very first time as Volume 5 in the Legends Remastered collectible full color digipak series of early Jesus Music from the 70’s, released on Born Twice Records March, 2012.

Released just five years after the release of the 1971 Christian psychedelic/fuzz blues rock monster titled Exkursions, 1976’s The Artist/The Riddle would bring Mike Johnson into a bigger league with a better production budget. It is perhaps his finest moment.

The polished album has two title tracks: 'The Artist' has a country feel, while 'The Riddle' goes for a renaissance sound enhanced by flute and recorder. 'Lord, Doctor' appears again. 'The Wedding Song'uses a biblical metaphor to describe Christ coming to gather the Church for an eternal consummation. 'Little Boy' offers a moving tribute to the task and joy of parenting.

Harmony magazine selected Mike Johnson as 'Artist of the Year' on the strength of this album, which is produced by the iconic early Jesus Music veteran Randy Matthews. This is for fans of Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, Randy Matthews, Neil Young, Exkursions, Tom Petty, and Daniel Amos. Liner notes appear courtesy of Mark Powell, author of The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. Includes 12-page insert with lyrics.


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