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Bride - Silence Is Madness Ltd Edition 1999


01. Fool Me Once

02. Hot Down South Tonight

03. Silence Is Madness

04. Until the End We Rock

05. Evil Dreams

06. Under the Influence

07. All Hallow's Eve

08. No More Nightmares

09. Rock Those Blues Away


Plus The bonus tracks:

10. Military Halo

11. Child Of Hell

12. Butterfly

13. His Love Is Everywhere

14. Studio Junkie

15. Lost In His Love

16. Same Old Sinner

17. Everybody Knows My Name

Not only is the most requested hard-to-find Bride CD available again, but it's loaded with 8 bonus tracks, i.e. six songs from Dale Thompson's first pre-Bride, pre-Matrix rock album Lost In His Love, originally released only on cassette in 1983, as well as 'Everybody Knows My Name' and 'Same Ol' Sinner,' the two (at that time) bonus tracks added to the now out of print early Bride 'best of' CD titled End Of the Age. This is the one-time, Limited Edition Millenium 8 Records 1999 re-issue, digitally re-mastered and featuring superior artwork. After it was sold out it was used to create a later Brazilian re-issue. 17 songs TT: 62:17 4-page insert.


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