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Altar Boys - The Collection 1991


01. You Are Loved (Remix)

02. Heart Lost In Nowhere

03. Against The Grain

04. Broken

05. I Question It (Extended Remix)

06. There Is A Love

07. Forever Mercy (Extended Remix)

08. World Burning (Remix)

09. Life Begins at the Cross

10. The Meaning of Life

11. Ride That Train

12. GLM (Gut Level Music)

-- Bonus Tracks--

13. I'm Only Human

14. Do I Stand Alone

15. Footsteps of Love



Rick Alba – Bass, Keyboards

Steve Pannier – Guitar

Jeff Crandall – Drums, Vocals

Mike Stand – Guitar, Lead Vocal


Up for bid is a used but well maintained original Alarma Records pressing of the 1991 Altar Boys CD retrospective entitled "The Collection." This "greatest hits" collection amasses some of Altar Boys' most notable songs from their Frontline Music Group releases (Gut Level Music, Against the Grain, and Forever Mercy). This CD contains a total of 15 tracks--some of which have been remixed (like "You Are Loved") or remixed and extended ("I Question It," "Forever Mercy")

This CD is simply one that any Altar Boys fan wouldn't want to miss because it sounds amazing, and it provides a nice overview of what was arguably the band's best works, and it contains three bonus tracks. Furthermore, the songs that have been remixed are, in my opinion, improvements over the original mixes. All said this 15-song collection is an essential purchase for the CCM fan who enjoys his or her music with a little attitude a whole lot of heartfelt devotion. The complete track list for Altar Boys' "The Collection" is as follows:


so Altar Boys is One of the first Christian bands passionate enough about punk music to gather a loyal following, bold enough to leap from the underground scene to national attention with the support of Frontline Records, and theologically profound enough to convince the gatekeepers of their maturity and wisdom, The Altar Boys' classic 3rd and 4th albums were produced by Terry Taylor, and their 5th and last by Steve Griffith of Vector. Under Terry's guiding hand they moved away from the Ramones toward The Clash and Bruce Springsteen.


Under Steve Griffith they foreshadowed the direction that lead vocalist Mike Stand would take with his new band Clash Of Symbols in 1993, as the influence of grunge began to be felt. The songs that appear here were culled from the band's 3rd-5th albums Against the Grain, Gut Level Music, and Forever Mercy. This collection was originally released in 1991 on Alarma Records.


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