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Oden Fong - Invisble Man 1986


01. Invisible man

02. Joker in the age of fools

03. Child of confusion

04. Faith / action

05. Culture shock

06. Waiting for you

07. Soldier

08. Words

09. So long ago

10. Richman poorman

Progressive Rock Music.

Christian - no doubt, but well worth a listen even if you are not of that persuasion. Fong is now a pastor, Really good stuff. Similar to a recent band,bought the cassette of this album back in the early 80's.

His music is very easy to listen to, you can understand the words and really relate to them. His music is done with heartfelt feeling. I'm looking forward to finding it on DVD, Anyway - well worth a try. It is from the late 70's or early 80's but has aged very well in my opinion.


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