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John Mehler - Back In Love 1987


01. Hey Handlord

02. Child OF Heaven

03. Drive Away

04. Point OF View

05. Back In Love

06. Channel 53

07. Gate Into The Sky

08. All OF Your Love

09. Call For Surrender

10. There Will Come A Time

The lost Phil Keaggy album? Not quite. Phil does play guitar on this album, some of his best work, in fact. But he doesn't sing, not even background vocals. You may have a hard time believing that when you hear the album. John mehler's voice is uncannily like Phil s.

John Mehler is actually best known as the drummer for Love Song, and as a session drummer for everyone from Frank Sinatra to Randy Stonehill, but as a solo artist his work has pretty much gone unnoticed by all but a few. That's truly a crime. Released in 1982, touches of Rush, the Police, and of course, Phil Keaggy add up to a true classic rock album.

Mehler released one other solo album (1987's Back In Love,) and several "Jazz Praise" albums with Kenneth Nash. Bow & Arrow has never been released on cd, and most likely never will. You may find a copy on ebay, or in an used record store someplace. It would be worth the time it took to find. This one should not fade away like the disposable "pop" music of the past 30 years. / John's website:


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