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Shout - It Won't Be Long 1988 / Made In Japan


01. Never Stop

02. Winners or Losers

03. It Won't Be Long

04. Find a Way

05. Dancin' Round the World

06. Shout

07. Showdown

08. Timeless Love

09. Without You

Ken Tamplin – Lead Vocals & Guitars

Chuck King – Guitars

Loren Robinson – Bass

Dennis Holt – Drums

Mark Hugonberger – Keyboards

Guest Musicians

Lanny Cordola – Guitars

Ken Tamplin's four octave vocal range and ability to play a variety of stringed instruments has kept him a hot commodity for many years throughout recording and performing circles. As a recording artist, Tamplin has seventeen records to his credit.

Tamplin fronted the band SHOUT throughout the '80s and '90s, obtaining eleven major award nominations along the way. Tamplin has toured the US, Europe and Japan in support of his recent solo material and has also been active in the film and soundtrack industry.

In the 80's/early 90's, one band towered above the rest in production quality and guitar acrobatics: Shout. Due to conflicts with their name (another group already had it), they changed names, then changed members, and then all we had left was Ken Tamplin's solo career. Now, ten years after we last had a full album from them (they reunited for two songs on their "Best of" cd), they're back - and it was worth the wait.

Absolutely incredible! They somehow manage to keep the Shout sound, but at the same time they don't seem dated. They've gone modern, with their own twist on it all. Their cover of "I Just Want to Celebrate" is sure to be an incredible hit on the tour. Clocking in at 15 songs, this CD is a better deal than most, and even though it's slightly more expensive than most,

it's worth it to hear the guys together again! Why they don't have some major U.S. distribution, I don't know. At any rate, welcome back guys! Hope you're here for good this time! Please don't make us wait another ten years for the next one! For Shout fans of the 80's, you will not be disappointed withthis new reunion album!.

If Shout had kept going, this is how theirsound would have progressed. It's still hard-rockin', but has evolved into a more modern sound (NOT grunge) with less flash and more straight-ahead rock and roll. It also features a few songs from lead singer Ken Tamplin's solo career, so there's a great mix on this album.

Christian poseurs of the 1st order.Shout wants to sing about what 'God has done' in Their life.Top professional Hardrock...Tamplin is amazing! 'Borderline' says it all...Huge sounding Hardrock! 'When the Love..' sure is melodic...Just a fantastic album! Rather peculiar soloing on '"In your Face"' with a lot of help from contemporary guitar wizards.Ken Tamplins 2nd album by this group he formed from Joshua.

Hard rockin' Guitars ,the better of only 2 albums by this band. A MUST HAVE !!! Now 15 years later Ken has a HUGE following along with a 4 octave Vocal range and 500 published songs.To Cephas:Check out .Very melodic solos and cool riffs."it Won't Be Long".This is an amazing cd. So many Christian bands wrote songs that just weren't as good as the secular bands.

SHOUT is NOT one of these bands! This cd is full of huge Choruses, amazing hooks, and melodies that will last long after the cd has been put away. Check out "Winners Or Losers"...It will blow you away!!! As For Me Their Best.Ken Tamplin's late-eighties christian hard rock band Shout only released Three albums, both of which are available here.

If you like the sound of hair-metal reminiscent of Whitesnake, this is for you. Their guitar section is comparable to Stryper, though the vocals are much more...normal. Not that I'm dissing Stryper, but you have to admit that the singing here is much More Masculine, sort of Geoff Moore-ish. On the first album,"It Won't Be Long" (1988), there is a Lot of keyboards,Which I find to Be enjoyable.

The second album, "In Your Face" (1989), has a harder edge, but all the same great late 80's power pop ingredients. Ken Tamplin has one of the best rock voices ever. He has a great vocal range and is a great 'multi-voice' talent. SHOUT is a rocking band with great musicians and song writers.

Check them out!! Shout's 1989 album In Your Face is without a doubt one of the era's finest Christian hard rock/heavy metal albums, and rivals many of the better "mainstream" albums as well

Led By Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Ken Tamplin, Shout delivered Extremely solid melodic hard rock in the vein of Bad English, Dokken, White Lion, and Giant, and with plenty of technical chops. Unlike fellow Christian rockers Whitecross and Petra,

Shout's lyrics aren't (dare I say it) "in your face" with their faith. They're undeniably positive, but they don't wield their faith like a blunt instrument, which tends to alienate potential listeners. In Your Face is a fantastic album from start to finish (though the 28-second Beethoven track is a bit odd)

It's full of Great Guitar Hooks and Solos, prominent Keyboards, and Strong Vocals. Speaking of Guitar Solos, the title track features guest appearances by Marty Friedman (Megadeth), Lanny Cordola (Magdalen), Michael Angelo (Nitro), Joey Price (Thunderball), and Randy Hansen (Machine Gun). This album is a must-have for all Christian Metal enthusiasts, and is likely to appeal to just about anyone who enjoys that era's Hard Rock and Metal.


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