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Ark - The Angels Come 1978


01. Hold Me Tonight

02. Birthsong

03. For All You Know

04. A Place For Love

05. Hungry World

06. Don’t Look Now

07. All To Pieces

08. Standing At The Door

09. Arms Of The Lord

10. Why?


Dave Kelly - Vocals And Rhythm Guitar

Derek Jeffery - Vocals And Rhythm Guitar

James Kehn - Drums,Percuccion & Vocals

David Mackay - Bass

Al Perkins - Lead Guitar

Guest Performances:

Greg Nelson - Orchestra Arranger And Condutor,Piano

Slide Man/Guitarist Al Perkins produces and teams up with these guys from the UK to record an album that sounds a lot like a mixture of the Monkees, Beatles, Stones and the Byrds with a slight aggressive touch. Very catchy and likeable but doomed for the cut-out bins. / But It Sounds Like A Pop band that blended together the sound of bands like The Beatles, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and The Byrds. The band featured Al Perkins, and four additional members from the UK. They only released one album and have basically remained a footnote in Christian music. A Great Comments from one of his Members that typed at my blog on may 2011 

Only two of us were from the UK. In 1969 we were signed by the Beatles to Apple Records. and ten years later in 1979 we received 'Album of the Year'Award from Campus Life Magazine. RCA Records even tried to sign us to a Pop deal that same year / Unfortunately the Christian Record Company "Spirit" went bankrupt a few months after the release of our record. We disbanded and and I went to work for Bob Dylan and then released a solo album "Crowning of a Simple Man" (Dave Kelly). We have just put up a Facebook page where you can hear and buy all the music / Come over and visit us. We'd love to see you.

Flashbacks to 1965 Beatles plus a touch of the spirit of ‘70s punky pop led at least one magazine to declare this the first Christian new wave lp. Yeah I can buy that sort of. ‘Birthsong’ for example has a smackerel of a homogenized Knack and ‘Don’t Look Now’ has that spunky ska organ routine that typified the genre / Perhaps more aptly called a retrospective pop lp – and a fun one at that, kind of like Phil Keaggy and Sunday’s Child. Several ballads, sometimes with a flash of Everly Brothers. And of course the obligatory ccm picks. Al Perkins produced. inger 


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